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Dropairs - FREE, expandable fast-paced puzzle game.

Match the Pairs - But don't blink!

Each Pair Board is a totally new experience, Over 80 Pair Boards are available and we keep 'em coming at ya for FREE! Feeling creative? For those of you who'd like to make your own Pair Boards: Check out the Pair Board Maker. Browse all available Pair Boards in the Pair Board Gallery.

Logic freak? - Our brain teasers are just for you!

A+ in geography? – Let’s just see how good you are...

Free slots in your brain? - Excel in Morse Code or ASL

Art collector? - Never mix Gauguin with Matisse…

Wild at heart? - Designs by Darcy Pair Boards were made for you.

Download Zip file:

Dropairs v1.15

Get Additional Pair Boards:

Pair Board Gallery

Design and Create new Pair Boards:

Pair Board Maker for Windows®

How to play?

  • The object of the game is to match both pairs before they reach the ground.
  • Two shapes are sliding from the top to the bottom, increasing speed as you advance in the game. Before the shapes hit the ground you have to find their two matching pairs or your game will be over!
  • Each correct match is worth 100 points, plus the remaining bonus (up to 160 points). This means the faster you match a pair, the more score you gain.
  • When you match 16 pairs one after another without a single mistake, you get the big bonus: 5000 points!
  • Each wrong answer will deduct 100 points off your total, and the big bonus count will reset to zero.
  • To change the board you are currently playing, select "Pairs".
  • You can pause the game by tapping the menu icon or tapping the upper (title-bar) part of the screen.
  • During the game you can enter the letter "t" on the Graffiti area to see the correct answers. Warning! Viewing the correct answers will cost you your bonus

  • High Resolution 320x320 version for Palm OS 5
  • Low Resolution version 160x160 for OS 3.5-4.0
  • Unlimited number of Pair Boards guaranteeing a completely new game experience each time!
  • Pair Boards have different Backgrounds, Colors and Sounds!
  • The Palm OS 5 version features different Wave sound effects for each Pair Board.
  • Random Game :  Play all Pair Boards at once!
  • FREE Pair Boards! ALL Pair Boards are free to download!
    Not including 3rd party Pair Boards
  • Game settings can be customized to speed things up or slow things down.
  • Move Pair Boards to the expansion card and free up some RAM!
  • Think fast and move faster! - Get into the Top-5 High Score Table!
  • Minimum requirements: COLOR DEVICE - Palm OS 3.5 - Palm OS 5.0 ENHANCED VERSION!


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