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Total Number of Pair Boards: 88 - Last Update: February 16, 2008
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Counting by 5s and 10s - by K12 Handhelds
Count by 5s and 10s and match to the total amount
Level: Elementary (grades 1-3)

HiRes OS 5 countingx5x10.pdb

Fractions and decimals - by K12 Handhelds
Match equivalent fractions, decimals, and percents
Level: middle school

HiRes OS 5 Frac-dec-pairs_hi.pdb

Fractions - by K12 Handhelds
Matching simple fractions and whole numbers to shapes showing parts of a whole
Level: Elementary (grades 2-3)

HiRes OS 5fractions.pdb

Geometry - by K12 Handhelds
Match geometrical shapes and terms
Level: middle school

HiRes OS 5geometry-pairs.pdb

Inequalities - by K12 Handhelds
Match short algebraic inequalities with their answer (e.g. 3x<9 and x<3)
Level: middle school

HiRes OS 5 inequalities-pairs.pdb

Math expressions - by K12 Handhelds
Matching basic short expressions in words with the mathematical equivalents
Level: middle school

HiRes OS 5 k12handhelds_m00.pdb

Algebra - by K12 Handhelds
Matching short algebraic equations with their answer (e.g. 3x=9 and x=3)
Level: middle school

HiRes OS 5 msmath_algebra_dp.pdb

Rhyming words - by K12 Handhelds
Match pictures of words that rhyme
Level: early learners (K-1)

HiRes OS 5 rhymingwords.pdb

Colors - by K12 Handhelds
Match colors to their words and numbers to their words
Level: early learners (K-1)

HiRes OS 5sfcolors.pdb

Letters - by K12 Handhelds
Match capital letters to small letters
Level: early learners (K-1)

HiRes OS 5sfletters.pdb

Money - by K12 Handhelds

Counting money by identifying coins
Level: Elementary (grade 2)

II: Calculating money by reading text that describes a combination of coins and bills
Level: Elementary (grades 2-4)

HiRes OS 5 k12_money_2levels.zip (2 Level Difficulty)

Numbers - by K12 Handhelds
Match numerals 1-20 to the written words
Level: early learners (K-1)

HiRes OS 5sfnumbers.pdb

Time - by K12 Handhelds
Telling time to the nearest hour, half hour and quarter hour.
Level: Elementary (grade 2)

HiRes OS 5 k12_time_3levels.zip (3 Level Difficulty)

Ten Frames  - by K12 Handhelds
Match ten frames to the number
Level: early learners (K-1)

HiRes OS 5tenframes.pdb

Vowel sounds - by K12 Handhelds
Match long and short vowel sounds to words that contain the sounds
Level: early learners (K-1)

HiRes OS 5 vowel_sounds.pdb

The Treble Clef
Practice the basics of reading music.

HiRes OS 5 musicnotes.zip 2 Pair Boards + Sounds!

Learn Hebrew | HiRes OS 5 | by: D. Levi

The Hebrew Alphabet | HebrewLetters.pdb

Hebrew Handwriting  |  HebrewHandwriting.pdb

Hebrew Numbers | HebrewNumbers.pdb

Ticking Away - by: Dale Ehrhart
Match the clock face with the digital equivalent.

HiRes OS 5 | TickingAwayHiRes.zip (3 Level Difficulty)

Level 1 : 15 Pairs

Level 2 : 48 Pairs

Level 3 : 144 Pairs

Number Lines - by: Dale Ehrhart
Pair Boards created to help children learn to count forwards and backwards by 2s, (even and odd numbers) 5s, 10s, Double It and Prime Numbers.

HiRes OS 5 | NumberLinesHiRes.zip  12 Pair Boards!

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | NumberLines.zip 4 Pair Boards!

USA Presidents - by: Dale Ehrhart
Match the picture of the president with his name.

HiRes OS 5 | Ourpresidentshighres.pdb

50 States Geography - by: Dale Ehrhart
Identify the State Name with the State Shape.

HiRes OS 5 | 50statesgeography.pdb

Semi 2003 NYY Roster

HiRes OS 5
| NewYorkYankeesHiRes.pdb
+ Sounds!

Multiplication - by: Dale Ehrhart
Calculate and Solve

HiRes OS 5
| multiplicationHiRes.zip  9 Pair Boards!

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | multiplication.zip 9 Pair Boards!

Addition Facts - by: Dale Ehrhart
Addition Facts practice for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders.

HiRes OS 5
| AdditionHiRes.zip 9 Pair Boards!

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | AdditionLoRes.zip 9 Pair Boards!

Pretty easy at first, but wait till things get faster...

HiRes OS 5
| LittleLogicHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | LittleLogic.pdb

Match the flower's name to the picture.

HiRes OS 5
| FlowersHiRes.pdb
+ Sounds!

Shapes & Objects - by: Colin Jennings
Match the shape, object or colour

HiRes OS 5 | Shapes_and_Objects.pdb

World Coins
Match the Flag to the Coin

HiRes OS 5 | WorldCoinsHiRes.pdb

Torture - Rays of Sun - by: Designs By Darcy
Pure Torture - No More, No Less.

HiRes OS 5 | Torture-RaysofSunHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | Torture-RaysofSun.pdb

Torture - Hues of Blues - by: Designs By Darcy
Pure Torture - No More, No Less.

HiRes OS 5 |

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | Torture-HuesofBlue.pdb

Zig Zags - by: Designs By Darcy
Which way did he go? Left, right, up, down?

HiRes OS 5 | ZigZagsHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | ZigZag.pdb

Mass Confusion - by: Designs By Darcy
Match your pairs, but don't blink!

HiRes OS 5 | MassConfusionHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | MassConfusion.pdb

Bubbles and Baubles - by: Designs By Darcy
Whoa. Don't Go Cross-Eyed ...!

HiRes OS 5 | Bubbles-AdvancedHiRes.pdb | Bubbles-BeginnerHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | Bubbles-Advanced.pdb | Bubbles-Beginner.pdb

Gooeys and Goobers - by: Designs By Darcy
Match 'em up - don't miss the snout!!

HiRes OS 5 | GooeysHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | Gooeys.pdb

Nature's Pearls
Match the Location to the Flag

HiRes OS 5 | Natural.pdb

Match the Location to the Flag

HiRes OS 5 | Frequentraveller.pdb

Diabolikar! - By: Renoraine
Match the Vehicles to their Make/Model

HiRes OS 5 | Diabolikar.zip

Minerals & Crystals
Learn to recognize Minerals & Crystals

HiRes OS 5 | CrystalsMineralsHiRes.pdb + Sounds!

Famous Artists!
Match the Artist to the Work of Art

HiRes OS 5 | ArtistsHiRes.zip  4 Pair Boards + Sounds!

USA: State Capitals
Match the capital city to the state's two-Letter abbreviation

HiRes OS 5 | USAStateCapitalsHiRes.pdb + Sounds!

Math - Multiplication
Practice your math

HiRes OS 5 | MathMultiplicationHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | MathMultiplication.pdb

Morse Code
Match the Code to the Letter

HiRes OS 5 | MorseCodeHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | MorseCode.pdb

World Flags
Match the country name to the flag

HiRes OS 5 | WorldFlagsHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | WorldFlags.pdb

USA Flags
Match the flag to the state's two-Letter abbreviation

HiRes OS 5 | USAflagsHiRes.pdb + Sounds!

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | USAflags.pdb

ASL Fingerspelling
American Sign Language
The Alphabet. Learn the letters and their corresponding fingershapes

HiRes OS 5 | FingerspellingHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | Fingerspelling.pdb

Ink Spots
Complete the missing shape. Don't let the colors fool you!

HiRes OS 5 | InkSpotsHiRes.pdb + Sounds!

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | InkSpots.pdb

Missing Squares
The two images are identical, except that one of them is missing one square

HiRes OS 5 | MissingSquaresHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | MissingSquares.pdb

Find the inverted image

HiRes OS 5 | NegativeHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | Negative.pdb

Mirror Circles
Find the reflection

HiRes OS 5 | MirrorCirclesHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | MirrorCircles.pdb

Mirror Squares
Find the reflection

HiRes OS 5 | MirrorSquaresHiRes.pdb

LoRes OS 3.5/4.0 | MirrorSquares.pdb


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