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The NeatFreak Packs
NeatFreak Pack, NeatFreak Pack Plus and NeatFreak Pack Ultimate.

The Ultimate Keep It Clean Solution for your Palm Powered™ Handheld plus real-time backup for quick and effortless recovery.

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This discounted package contains 2, 3 or 4 (depends on the specific bundle) highly acclaimed programs that will help you take full control over what goes in and out of your Handheld or Smartphone and make sure it simply keeps on working.

It is the most advanced tool for uninstallations and software monitoring, but what can the NeatFreak Pack do that others can't?

Here's a partial list:

  A true Sandbox mode which allows you to quickly evaluate new programs without harming your PDA or Smartphone.     Besides making sure your PDA's main memory is kept clean, Uninstall Manager and Cleanup prevent junk from accumulating on your expansion card using several unique methods.
  Keep using installed applications inside isolated environments (Sandboxes) and make sure they do not affect your PDA in the future.     Cleanup and UM let you to easily identify unneeded files on the expansion card. By finding files that are not associated with any application and by showing you which ones belong to a certain app.
  Uninstall Manager's recording mode protects you from any software installation or download: Quickly undo all changes to your Smartphone with a push of a button.     Use Cleanup's advanced search function and keep the Signature File updated to tidy up your handheld or Smartphone.
  All files HotSynced to your handheld are conveniently sorted according to their installation date and programs can be easily deleted alongside all of their components.     Use OnGuard Backup to keep your most important information backed-up in real-time! never forget to backup your critical data every time it's updated.
  Group files on the main memory and the expansion card with installed programs to ensure that all files are deleted, even when you forget which file belongs to which application.     Northglide Undo provides the easiest solution for saving your critical system settings and any other important data in case anything goes wrong. NG Undo interacts with UM and lets you quickly rollback any uninstallation in case you change your mind.
  SO MUCH MORE usability features, tools and customization options that allow you to truly stay on top of your PDA or Smartphone in the most unobtrusive way.     See individual product pages and find out exactly why the NeatFreak Pack is one of the most popular applications available for Palm OS based PDAs and Smartphones.

Uninstall Manager

Take full control over software installations and already installed programs: With features such as the Sandbox mode, installation monitoring, "hidden files" creation-supervision, automatic expansion card "sweeping" and many, many more...You are fully protected against any shareware product you come across and decide to install to your device.


With features such as a growing Signature File that helps you to easily identify mysterious items, deep code full card search, complete backup and restore, Ignore List, Quick Clean, Spacemaker, expansion card files analyzer and much more. Cleanup makes it a breeze to safely get rid of leftovers, keeps your device running faster and will help you clear up some extra space!

OnGuard Backup (Included in the NeatFreak Pack PLUS and ULTIMATE)

No longer do you have to worry about scheduling or backup sets, you now have real-time backup for your important data! OnGuard Backup gives you the peace of mind that the backups you keep on the expansion card are up-to-the-minute current and quickly available to you if need be. OnGuard Backup integrates with Uninstall Manager to backup monitored and hidden items.

Northglide Undo (Included in the NeatFreak Pack ULTIMATE)

Quickly save and restore your device's critical files and settings. Automatically create multiple restore points before new software installations or use a special shortcut to create restore points from anywhere. Northglide Undo, together with Uninstall Manager, allows you to rollback any changes made to your device and get back to work in no time!

Check it out for yourself!

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  • The zip file download includes Cleanup, Uninstall Manager, OnGuard Backup and Northglide Undo for Palm OS 5 (Treo 600, Treo 650, Tungsten T, Sony NX, etc)

Minimum Requirement: Palm OS 5
How do I identify the version of Palm OS on my handheld?

When you purchase the NeatFreak Pack you are making sure that these two applications work closely together to keep your device in top shape. Besides, you save money if the products are purchased separately.

Uninstall Manager + Cleanup

NeatFreak Pack
| ONLY $19.95 | Add to Cart

Uninstall Manager + Cleanup + OnGuard Backup
NeatFreak Pack PLUS! | ONLY $26.95 | Add to Cart

Uninstall Manager + Cleanup + OnGuard Backup + Northglide Undo
NeatFreak Pack Ultimate! | ONLY $29.99 | Add to Cart

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"...these programs have surprised me and done not only what I expected of them but more besides." - PDA247

"...take advantage of a couple of the best Palm applications I've come across." - Computing Unplugged

"The Neat Freak Pack earned a permanent home on my T3." - MobileTechReview.com

PalmGear.com Voter's Choice: Best Utility

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