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Northglide Cloner - Palm OS 4.x/5 ONLY - Add to Cart

Northglide Cloner is a truly unique program that lets you extend your favorite applications like never before. By making exact replicates of selected applications, Northglide Cloner lets you create your own multi-user Palm! Keep multiple Address Books, Date Books, accounting programs with multiple accounts, games with different difficulty levels and so much more. You can create replicates just to play with, without damaging the original data, and even create shortcuts to launch applications with a selected profile directly from your favorite launcher screen. If one of your favorite applications is limited to a single profile, or you are relying on an old program that will never be updated again, Northglide Cloner is for you!

When you switch between replicated profiles of a certain application, you can use and change anything you want, without affecting any other profile. The new additions and changes are saved for the next time the chosen profile is activated. Northglide Cloner creates exact copies of the application preferences (settings) and database files. Then, it lets you switch to different profiles while saving all the changes made to the active one. You can choose to create the profile in the main memory (RAM) or multiple profiles on the expansion card: Profiles in the main memory are much faster to activate, but since the additional profile database files are kept in the main memory, every application will occupy almost double the amount of space (only its database files, without the application file itself). This is why you can only create a single additional profile in the main memory. You can create up to four different profiles on the expansion card. Card profiles are slower to activate, since the data used by the active profile has to be first moved to the card and then the new profile files have to be copied from the card to the main memory. You can even create additional profiles to applications that require desktop synchronization (such as the Calendar and Contacts programs) and have Northglide Cloner switch back to the default profile, just before the HotSync process beings, so that the correct data will be synchronized with the desktop computer. Northglide Cloner lets you to link profiles to each other and activate several different profiles at once (especially useful when creating additional profiles to 3rd party PIM replacement applications).

Important Notes:

  • To switch back to the default profiles before the HotSync process beings, Northglide Cloner must be installed to the main memory.
  • Do not delete Northglide Cloner before making sure all of the active profiles are the correct ones. Deleting Northglide Cloner will also delete all of the additional profile files and settings in the main memory.
  • Not every application can be replicated. Make sure to download the trial version first to see if the applications you‘d like to extend can be replicated.


  • Create multiple profiles for your favorite applications.
  • Extend applications limiting you to a single profile.
  • Keep your wife/husband/boss/employee Address books (Contacts), Date books Calendar) and more.
  • Play with, change and delete information from any of the additional profiles without damaging the original one.
  • Create different profiles for your most entertaining games so that if you ever let anyone play with it, they won't go over your high score table!
  • Create profile shortcuts: Launch applications with a selected profile directly from the launcher screen!
  • Link several different application profiles together and activate all of them at once.
  • Create the profiles in the main memory (RAM) for instant switching between application profiles.
  • You can create multiple profiles on the card, which also serves as backup for all of the application profiles just in case anything goes wrong.
  • Select the Default Profiles and switch to all of them in a single step, or just before the HotSync process begins, if one of the application you created additional profiles for requires desktop synchronization.
  • Immediately launch a selected application as soon as you activate one of its profiles.
  • Choose a unique name to describe the profile, such as: Dave's Calendar, Kate's Address Book, Bejeweled-Easy, etc.
  • Supports full screen display and one-hand navigation on compatible devices.
  • There are many more things Northglide Cloner can do to help you with your daily work. Download the trial version today and check it out for yourself.
  • Trial Version Limitations:
    • Nag screen (a "Please register!" alert) appears on each startup and there can be an up to a 10 seconds delay before activating profiles (after activating profiles an X amount of times).
    • You can only create additional profiles for 2 different applications.

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