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OnGuard Backup - How to use
Real-time backup solution for your Handheld or Smartphone.


The next generation of backup on the Palm OS.
No longer do you have to worry about scheduling or backup sets, you now have real-time backup for your important data!

OnGuard Backup gives you the peace of mind that the backups you keep on the expansion card are up-to-the-minute current and quickly available to you if need be. OnGuard Backup works in real-time to automatically backup individual applications.

You can use OnGuard backup alongside any other backup software: Keep performing monthly, weekly and daily backups, but let OnGuard Backup keep your crucial, frequently updated data and applications backed-up so you won't have to rewrite a single contact, one meeting or a note again.


  • Real-time backup solution - you'll never forget to perform crucial backups.

  • Backup applications automatically as soon as you finish using them.
  • OnGuard Backup only backs-up changed databases: ...Fast backups.
  • Synchronize: Set the Synchronize option for selected applications to make sure that files deleted from the main memory are deleted from the card as well.
  • Rotate Backups: Create up to 6 different backup copies/images for each application (OnGuard Backup will use a different directory to backup the files to every time you exit the application).
  • Menu Command Bar: OGB integrates into the menu command bar so you can quickly backup the active application at any time.
  • Select from different backup settings to make sure that only your most important data is backed-up.
  • Backup Personal Information Management applications to the card and you'll never lose new records.
  • Backup games' settings and high score and don't lose that all-time record again!
  • Integrates with Uninstall Manager to let you backup hidden files and preferences.
    • Some applications save registration keys and other information in hidden records so backing them up is always a good idea.
    • Use Uninstall Manager's Group Files command to add various files to different backup sets.
      See FAQ for more.
  • Keep using your current backup software for full-blown time-consuming backups, but use OnGuard Backup for the really important, time-critical information.
  • OnGuard Restore (included): 10KB, quick restore application.
  • Full Screen Display: Portrait and Landscape modes (HiRes 320x480) on compatible devices.
  • More...


  • Minimum system requirement: Palm OS 5.0
  • OnGuard Backup is using the card to backup applications: Your device MUST have an expansion slot and card or an Internal Drive (available on selected models).
  • To restore applications use OnGuard Restore: See the menu command Copy OnGuard Restore.
  • You can keep OnGuard Restore on the card, but OnGuard Backup MUST reside in the main memory (RAM).
  • Trial Version Limitations:
    • Nag screen (a "Please register!" alert) appears on each startup / adding new applications.
    • You can only add 2 applications to the real-time backup list.

How to Use

Main Dialog

The main OnGuard Backup form lets you add new applications to OnGuard Backup's backup list.
This will ensure real-time backup (once you exit from one of them) for the selected applications.
You can also Enable or Disable OnGuard Backup. When OnGuard Backup is disabled, the selected applications will not be backed-up.

  • You can temporarily disable OnGuard Backup by holding down the page-up button when you exit applications selected for real-time backup.

Select  to add a new application to OnGuard Backup's real-time backup list:

Add Application screen 1   Add Application screen 2

Rotate Backups: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
You can select up to 6 backup copies/sets for each application: Every time you exit the selected application, all of its files and settings will be alternately copied to a different directory on the card:


More / Advanced Options:

NOTE: Advanced Options are not saved and must be reselected for each new application added for real-time backup.

Synchronize: Select this option to synchronize between the backed-up files (on the card) and files in the main memory (RAM). When the application is backed-up (after you exit it); files deleted from the main memory will be deleted from the card as well. The Synchronize option is meant to be used with specific applications and you should normally leave this option unchecked.

Page-Down: Select this option to backup the selected application ONLY when the Page-Down button is pressed (when you exit from it).
Usage: Hold the Page-Down button down when you exit from the selected application and OGB will back it up. Having this option selected can save valuable time when the application data is not really changed but OGB still backs it up every time you close it.

Select the application you'd like to add and tap Next.


  • Select multiple applications by tapping the icon on the left of each application.

  • Selecting Synchronize will slightly slow the backup process down and should not be selected when working with most applications.

  • ROM (Read Only Memory) applications are not backed-up. ROM files are not affected by loss of power or software failure. ALL data saved in the main memory (RAM) by the selected application, regardless if it's ROM or RAM based, will be fully backed-up (see below for more); only the ROM file (in this case an application file) will not be backed-up (since it would have been a needless time consuming task).

  • If the application is already in the list; selecting it again will update its backup settings to the chosen backup options.

    • Selected applications are shown in bold font at the top of the list.


Select from the different backup options:

  • Settings - Backup application settings also known as preferences.

    • Preferences are little bits of data saved in a special location. These settings frequently change and can contain important information (e.g. registration codes, game high score info, passwords, etc').

    • NOTE: Backing-up preferences will cause a tiny slow down when exiting applications since the preferences are ALWAYS backed-up, as opposed to files that are only backed-up on change.

  • Files - Backup all files (databases) associated with the selected application.

  • Application - Backup the application itself.

  • Monitored Files - Backup files monitored by Uninstall Manager created when the selected application(s) was active.

  • Monitored Prefs. - Backup preferences saved by the selected application(s) under a different Creator ID than its own (hidden preferences).

    Uninstall Manager items - Notes:

    • To Backup monitored files and preferences you MUST have Uninstall Manager installed to the main memory (Uninstall Manager will not work from the expansion card)

    • You can use Uninstall Manager's Group Files command to make sure that certain files are backed-up alongside chosen applications (e.g. to make sure that the Calendar database is backed-up after using your 3rd party Calendar replacement app to add a new meeting, etc).
      Learn more in Uninstall Manager's How to Use and FAQ

Select the desired options and tap Finish to add the application(s) to OnGuard Backup's real-time backup list.

After adding a few applications, OnGuard Backup's list will show all of the applications that are currently selected for real-time backup:


Select  to remove applications from real-time backup. After removing applications, you will also be given the option to delete any previously backed-up files and preferences from the card.

Remove Application dialog

  • Check the Delete backed-up files from card check-box to delete any files that belong to the selected application and have been previously backed-up to the card (delete from OnGuard Backup's directory).

Backup using the Menu Command bar icon

You can backup the active application (as long as it is selected for real-time backup) by showing the menu command bar and pressing the OnGuard Backup icon (use FieldPlus when using a Treo based Smartphone).

* You can disable the global command bar integration from the menu.


  • Select Backup Dest.

Choose the card to backup the applications selected for real-time backup to (this option is meant to be used on devices that have more than one expansion-slot or an internal drive).

  • Copy OnGuard Restore

Selecting this menu command will copy OnGuard Backup's sister application: OnGuard Restore (see below for more) to the expansion card (to the default application directory; usually Palm/Launcher).

  • Global Command Bar

Disable or Enable the global menu command bar integration that allows you to perform manual backups.

  • Beam OnGuard Backup

Beam OnGuard Backup to another Palm device

  • Launch U.Manager

Select this command to launch Uninstall Manager (if installed).

  • Add PIM apps.

This is a shortcut command that will add the 4 default PIM applications to the real-time backup list: Contacts, Calendar, Memos and Tasks.

  • Using PIM replacements?

Selecting this menu command will display information for 3rd party PIM applications users (DateBK5, Agendus, etc).

  • Delete Backups

Select this command to delete ALL previously made backups from the expansion card. Selecting this option will delete OnGuard Backup's directory and all of its subfolders and files from the expansion card.

OnGuard Restore

With OnGuard Restore on your card, you can safely restore backups made by OnGuard Backup when the time comes.

Select a backup set (the application name which includes all of its files) to see the modification date at the bottom left corner. This is the modification date of the most recent file in the backup set, NOT the time the backup was made. Backup sets will show the same date when they contain the exact same data. The most recent backup set for each application is displayed using a bold font.

Choose the application you'd like to restore and select Restore:

Restore Settings

Selecting this option will restore ALL backed-up settings/preferences: Preferences associated with the application and preferences monitored by Uninstall manager (if any of these were selected from the Backup Options dialog).

Restore Files

Selecting this option will restore ALL backed-up files: Files associated with the application and files monitored by Uninstall manager (if any of these were selected from the Backup Options dialog).

Overwrite Existing Files

Overwrite files in the main memory (RAM) with the backup copies on the card.

Delete Directory

Delete the directory containing the backed-up files from the card once the restore process completes.

  • Selecting applications from the restore list will show the date and time the most recent file in the current selected backup/application was changed on (on the device itself), not when it was backed-up.
  • When the restore process completes, you will be given the option to disable OnGuard Backup real-time backups until it is launched. This will allow you to make sure you restored the correct backup set.

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