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OnGuard Backup for Palm OS 5 (Garnet) - $14.95 - Add to Cart

The next generation of backup on the Palm OS.
Your Palm's Best Friend: Real-time backup solution for your Handheld or Smartphone.
No longer do you have to worry about scheduling or backup sets, you now have real-time backup for your important data!

OnGuard Backup gives you the peace of mind that the backups you keep on the expansion card are up-to-the-minute current and quickly available to you if need be. OnGuard Backup works in real-time to automatically backup individual applications.

You can use OnGuard backup alongside any other backup software: Keep performing monthly, weekly and daily backups, but let OnGuard Backup keep your crucial, frequently updated data and applications backed-up so you won't have to rewrite a single contact, one meeting or a note again.


  • Real-time backup solution - you'll never forget to perform crucial backups.

  • Backup applications automatically as soon as you finish using them.
  • OnGuard Backup only backs-up changed databases: ...Fast backups.
  • Synchronize: Set the Synchronize option for selected applications to make sure that files deleted from the main memory are deleted from the card as well.
  • Rotate Backups: Create up to 6 different backup copies/images for each application (OnGuard Backup will use a different directory to backup the files to every time you exit the application).
  • Menu Command Bar: OGB integrates into the menu command bar so you can quickly backup the active application at any time.
  • Select from different backup settings to make sure that only your most important data is backed-up.
  • Backup Personal Information Management applications to the card and you'll never lose new records.
  • Backup games' settings and high score and don't lose that all-time record again!
  • Integrates with Uninstall Manager to let you backup hidden files and preferences.
    • Some applications save registration keys and other information in hidden records so backing them up is always a good idea.
    • Use Uninstall Manager's Group Files command to add various files to different backup sets.
      See FAQ for more.
  • Keep using your current backup software for full-blown time-consuming backups, but use OnGuard Backup for the really important, time-critical information.
  • OnGuard Restore (included): 10KB, quick restore application.
  • Full Screen Display: Portrait and Landscape modes (HiRes 320x480) on compatible devices.
  • More...


  • Minimum system requirement: Palm OS 5.0
  • OnGuard Backup is using the card to backup applications: Your device MUST have an expansion slot and card or an Internal Drive (available on selected models).
  • To restore applications use OnGuard Restore: See the menu command Copy OnGuard Restore.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not move OnGuard Backup to the expansion card. OnGuard Backup must stay in the main memory (RAM). Backup sets are restored from the card using OnGuard Restore.
  • Trial Version Limitations:
    • Nag screen (a "Please register!" alert) appears on each startup / adding new applications.
    • You can only add 2 applications to the real-time backup list.

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