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Uninstall Hack for Palm OS 3.5 / 4.x

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How do I identify the version of Palm OS on my handheld?

  1. On the handheld go to the main screen where the applications can be viewed.

  2. Tap the drop-down menu.

  3. Under the "App" menu select "Info".

  4. At the bottom of the screen tap on "Version".

  5. Then at the top of the screen you will see the version of the Palm OS Software.


  Uninstall Hack is Uninstall Manager's predecessor, compatible with previous Palm OS versions.
Uninstall Hack DOES NOT include all features available in Uninstall Manager for Palm OS 5

ONLY use Uninstall Hack if you are using a Palm OS 3.5/4.0 device, for a Palm OS 5.x device, use Uninstall Manager

Uninstall Hack is a Palm OS system extension (also known as a Hack) and requires a Hack Manager in order to function.

For a Hack Manager, NorthGlide recommends:
X-Master (freeware):

Download X-Master:

Installing Uninstall Hack:

  1. After downloading X-Master, open xmaster.zip and install X-Master.prc to your device.
  2. Download Uninstall Hack from here.
  3. Open Uninstall Hack's Zip archive and add the following files to your HotSync installer: UninstallHack.prc and UninstallHackShortcut.prc
  4. After HotSync: Open X-Master and mark the check box next to Uninstall Hack and exit X-Master.
  5. To manage Uninstall Hack; you do not need to re-launch X-Master: Simply locate and select its icon from your Application Launcher.

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