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Uninstall Manager for Palm OS 5 - Add to Cart / (Palm OS 3.5 / 4.x click here)

Garbage is eating up your RAM!
Uninstall Manager saves valuable memory space while keeping your device clean and trouble-free.
Make sure that newly installed applications will be completely removed when they are no longer needed.

Uninstall Manager is the most full-featured uninstaller available for the Palm OS:

Uninstall Manager includes many unique features to help you stay on top of your software installations:

  • Completely remove applications, including all of their associated files and preferences. Even hidden ones that are not removed by any other means!
  • Uninstall manager includes an intelligent Real-Sandbox mode, which allows you to install new applications inside completely isolated environments. Launch, evaluate and safely delete applications without compromising other important data on your device (you can also keep these "isolated environments" on the expansion card to quickly test applications in the future).
  • Start a Recording, download files from the internet, receive files from friends (Bluetooth, IR, etc) and copy files from the expansion card...with a push of a button you can quickly undo all changes!
  • Group files on the main memory and the expansion card with different applications. Make sure that ALL parts of the application are deleted when you choose to.
  • Uninstall Manager monitors file installations. Besides allowing you to track your software installation habits, this will also make sure that any supporting files installed alongside applications are removed when you delete the application itself. This unique feature will save you lots of memory space!
  • Uninstall Manager's Timeline view lets you see monitored items grouped by creation date. You can use this view to quickly find everything that gets installed onto your device and delete it with a single step.
  • Uninstall Manager allows for uninstallation rollbacks in case you change your mind! (requires Northglide Undo).
  • Use Uninstall Manager's vacuum mode to keep applications clean as soon as you exit them. The next time you start an application selected for vacuum mode, it will be as if it was just installed.
    • See the user manual and feature list below for much more...


  • The most full-featured uninstaller available for the Palm OS.
  • Monitors applications for saving hidden items.
  • Works in the background with no user intervention.
  • Monitors file installations using the HotSync® Manager.
  • Cleans a68k cache/temporary files.
  • Groups all related items together allowing quick and easy uninstallations.
  • Group files on the card with RAM based applications and keep your card clean.
  • Sandbox mode: A carefree environment to try out new applications.
  • Recording mode: Quickly undo changes to your device.
  • Vacuum mode: Keep applications clean as soon as you exit them.
  • Monitors and deletes files and directories directly from the expansion card.
  • Option to delete directories on the expansion card when deleting applications.
  • Deletes RAM based items when uninstalling card based applications.
  • Deletes Card based items when uninstalling RAM based applications.
  • Allows for uninstallation rollbacks in case you change your mind (requires NG Undo).
  • Monitor what gets installed onto your device using the Timeline view.
  • Smart Monitoring: Only monitor true hidden files.
  • Delete protected files that cannot be normally deleted.
  • Completely new Graphical User Interface.
  • Support for 320 X 480 Portrait and Landscape modes.
  • Context-Sensitive Help - a unique Help Mode.
  • Many more usability features.
  • Protect Your Assets Now: Uninstall Manager guards your RAM from garbage!
  • Available in the Registered Version: There is no need to open Uninstall Manager to completely delete applications! (see RDD below for more).
  • Having orphaned items on your handheld not only wastes memory space, but can also considerably slow it down. Read more about Palm's Creator ID system and how it can be taken advantage of by developers.

Uninstall Manager keeps your device Clean and Trouble-free.

Read the Reviews

"As I'm using Palm OS 5 on my Tungsten C, there are many Palm programs that are not compatible with it, needing a soft reset. The Sandbox feature is useful for this as all programs can be run and simulated in the Sandbox first. It relieves you of the worry of installing an application that corrupts your PDA. This is really a useful and essential program to own. All Palm users should own one. Highly recommended." - Christopher Lee at spug.net

"Whether you are a light, average or hard-core handheld user, you are going to have to do some housekeeping at some point. You can slog through it on your own, hit or miss, or take advantage of a couple of the best Palm applications I've come across." - James Booth at computingunplugged.com

"If, like me, you love installing apps and trying them out, the Sandbox feature in Uninstall Manager alone is worth the price of admission. Add in the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you'll never again leave a trail of cruft behind you and you're looking at one of the best bargains I've found in some time." - Marc Orchant at PDA247.com

"Uninstall Manager and Cleanup between them have done a good job of clearing up my T3 and reducing its contents to those items I really need to run the applications I have installed either for personal use or evaluation and review. I never get really excited about utilities as they will never be a core requirement for my use of a PDA but that said, these programs have surprised me and done not only what I expected of them but more besides. As such, I would recommend them highly if you are looking to tidy up some of the rubbish left behind on your PDA." - Mike Featherstone at PDA247.com

"The Neat Freak Pack (Uninstall Manager and Cleanup) offers a great many more useful features, supports apps on the card, has a very nice user interface, and requires less user intervention than their competition. The Neat Freak Pack earned a permanent home on my T3." - Tanker Bob at mobiletechreview.com



When trying a lot of shareware products, your device may already be cluttered with unneeded files and preferences that are taking up space and may cause problems.

To analyze and get rid of old leftovers that already inhabit your device, use Cleanup; to prevent your device from being a victim to future shareware products, use Uninstall Manager.

  • Uninstall Manager minimum requirements: Palm OS 5.0

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