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6/10/2008  Uninstall Manager v3.24

  • NEW: New cool feature for registered users: Vacuum Mode - You can now turn on the 'vacuum' for selected applications, so that once you exit them, all of their items will be automatically deleted. The next time you start an application selected for vacuum mode, it will be as if it was just installed. The new option can be found under the File menu (Turn Vacuum On/Off).

WARNING: Make sure you know what you're doing! The associated and monitored items of a chosen app will be deleted without prompt as soon as you exit it.

  • Other misc. minor changes.
2/8/2008  Uninstall Manager v3.20

  • NEW: Timeline view: The Installed Files view has been replaced with the more general Timeline view. This new view groups all items saved onto your device by creation date. The new Timeline view allows you to quickly locate files you've just downloaded from the internet, received via Bluetooth, and generally, an easy way to track what's being saved and when.
    • You can still see only files installed using the HotSync manager by selecting the new option from the Settings dialog.
  • Cards view: The files on both the main memory and the card are now displayed with a checkbox. This is a better indication that you can delete multiple files in bulk. Note: You can still delete complete directories by selecting the directory icon (highlighting the directory).
  • A few updated bitmaps and other misc. GUI changes.
  • The Find command has been removed (use the Timeline view instead).
  • You can now find MessyApp under UM's more folder to test its functionality.
  • The user manual has been updated.
  • Other misc. minor changes.
1/17/2008  OnGuard Backup v1.14

  • Release version (see below for the list of changes).
  • Added an option to Enable/Disable the global menu command bar integration.
1/14/2008  OnGuard Backup v1.14b

  • Added an option to backup the active application by selecting the OnGuard Backup icon from the menu command bar.
    This new feature is especially useful when you work with certain applications and want to make sure the latest modifications are backed-up.
    To show the menu command bar on Treo Smartphones, you have to install the freeware program FieldPlus. Butler and other shareware apps support this option as well.
  • You can now create up to 6 different backup sets for each application.
  • OnGuard Restore: Several GUI changes that make OGR more informative.
10/26/2007  Uninstall Manager v3.16

  • NEW: You can now sort the various lists by database Creator ID and Type, in addition to Name and Size. This is especially useful under the Cards view to delete certain files in bulk (you can delete files in bulk since v3.14).
  • NEW: Option to search for the selected item using Google. UM will launch the installed web browser and search for any item selected from the Applications list or Items list. This new feature makes it easier to research mysterious items.
  • CHANGE: Menu was redesigned for clarity (see the help file for more).
  • CHANGE: Added help item for the Sort by... popup list.
10/5/2007  OnGuard Backup v1.10

  • FIX: Removed the Backup before Auto-Off option due to compatibility problems.
  • CHANGE: OnGuard Restore: The most recent backup set is displayed using a bold font.
  • CHANGE: OnGuard Restore: New backup set icons.
  • CHANGE: Other misc. changes and code improvements.
9/4/2007  Cleanup v4.01

  • FIX: Copying shortcut files and any other files with invalid characters to the card.
  • CHANGE: Added a warning item to the Files tab.
8/28/2007  Northglide Cloner v1.01

  • FIX: Disallows renaming a profile to a name that is already used by a database on the device. This can cause a profile shortcut to overwrite an existing application.
8/8/2007  Uninstall Manager v3.14

  • NEW: Cards view: Delete files in the main memory and directories on the card in bulk.

    Besides deleting files in bulk, this new feature allows you to quickly delete complete directories from the card, including all of their subdirectories and files.
  • Other misc. minor changes.
 7/27/2007  Northglide Cloner v1.00

  • Release version.
 7/13/2007  Northglide Cloner v1.00b3 BETA VERSION

  • NEW: Profile Links: A new feature that allows you to link several profiles together and activate all of them at the same time. This new feature is especially useful if you’re using a PIM replacement app of some sort (DateBk6, Agendus, A5, etc). Please see the user manual for more.
  • CHANGE: Buttons order.
  • FIX: Same profile name when creating more than 2 profiles for more than 2 apps at the same time.
  • FIX: Couldn't create shortcuts with the same name.
 7/5/2007  Northglide Cloner v1.00b2 BETA VERSION

  • NEW: Profile Shortcuts - Northglide Cloner now lets you create shortcuts to selected profiles.

This new feature allows you to launch applications with a selected profile directly from the launcher screen!

  • NEW: Tap and hold to activate profiles.
  • CHANGE: Menu order.
  • CHANGE: Updated misc. low-res icons.
  • FIX: Select Applications dialog: Finding apps by entering the first letter didn't always work.
  • FIX: Select Applications dialog: The correct application name was not always shown.
 7/1/2007  ANNOUNCING: Northglide Cloner v1.00b

    Northglide Cloner is a truly unique program that lets you extend your favorite applications like never before! By making exact replicates of selected applications, Northglide Cloner lets you keep multiple Address Books, Date Books, accounting programs with multiple accounts, games with different difficulty levels and so much more. You can create replicates just to play with, without damaging the original data, and even create shortcuts to launch applications with a selected profile directly from your favorite launcher screen! If one of your favorite applications is limited to a single profile, or you are relying on an old program that will never be updated again, then Northglide Cloner is for you! Click here for more.
 6/11/2007  Cleanup v4.00

  • Release version: See the beta update notes below for all the details.
  • NEW: New icons on the Details dialog so you can easily tell what each field stands for.
  • FIX: Aborting search when searching the card sometimes didn't work.
  • FIX: GUI glitch when restoring backed-up files to the RAM.
 6/6/2007  Cleanup v4.00b

  • Cleanup v4 received a total facelift; some major new features have been added plus lots of adjustments/improvements to the previous code.
  • New GUI: Compatible with all the rest of the NeatFreak Pack programs. The new interface allows you to navigate the program and understand Cleanup’s functions with greater ease than ever before.
  • Quick Clean: Add multiple items to the new Quick Clean feature and instantly get rid of pesky items or private information in bulk. You can also undo any Quick Clean session by using Northglide Undo in case you mistakenly delete something you actually need (Northglide Undo v1.02 must be installed).
  • How often do you realize that you're running out of space and wonder what to delete, what you still need and how to make all that 'temporary removal process' easier? In one simple step, the new Spacemaker feature will help you make as much room as you need, so you can install any space-hogging file and restore everything back when you’re ready. Spacemaker moves entire applications (the app itself along with its files) and any other files that can be safely moved to a special location on the expansion card. Then, when you decide what to keep and what to delete, select the Spacemaker button to put everything back to the where it was.
  • The new version of Cleanup offers highly enhanced card cleaning functionality: View all files on the expansion card, all non-Palm files and unassociated card databases: With multiple different file views (and more will be added in the future!), Cleanup v4 helps you clean your expansion cards from old leftovers and reclaim your space!
  • New list icons/indicators to help you instantly learn more about any item on your device and the expansion card. Find out if it was monitored by Uninstall Manager, whether it is listed in the Signature File, if it’s a system item or if it has an associated application or not.
  • Improved Creator ID search: Find out which application on your device created that mysterious item! It’s faster, more accurate and more powerful. The new Search function will even search throughout the entire expansion card(s), not only specific locations.
  • Improved Search Results page.
  • Can now force delete protected files.
  • A single Preferences view shows records from both of the system preferences files and lists multiple preferences saved under the same Creator ID together (from both of the preferences files).
  • Show All Items option removed. There is now a different way (much simpler) for displaying the information in both Prefs. and Files lists by using a top level selection list.
  • New and improved Item Details dialog.
  • New list legend dialog so that you can quickly tell what every icon on the list means.
  • Easy to access Backup dialog - Improved backup mechanism and handling: Added support for overwriting (and force-deleting) existing RAM files when replacing with backup copies. Added ‘Restore All’ and ‘Delete All’ options.
  • Improved Ignore List dialog (previously Safe List). Hide items from the Unassociated… files and preferences lists.
  • Settings dialog: Choose between ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ to change all of the program’s settings accordingly.
  • Select Card: Choose the expansion card to be used by the Spacemaker function and for saving backups (on compatible devices with multiple expansion cards or an internal drive).
  • Signature File: View information about the installed Signature File, its creation date and the number of records it includes (info about various applications). Update to the latest Signature File directly from your phone! (on compatible devices).
  • Added support for one-hand navigation (on compatible devices).
  • Faster loading of list items and comparing them with the Signature File: No longer you have to wait every time you switch between views for Cleanup to check the entire Signature File all over again. The records are now “cached” making it much easier to switch between the different views (the records will be re-cached when switching to the top level files and preferences views).
  • The new search and loading progress forms make it much easier to see and abort any time consuming process such as checking items with the Signature File.
  • LOTS of other improvements and changes.
 6/5/2007  Northglide Undo v1.02

  • Registered users: Please see this page.
  • NEW: Built in support for Cleanup v4 Quick Clean: Cleanup is using NG Undo to create restore points before initiating the new Quick Clean function. NG Undo allows you to quickly undo any Quick Clean session in case you mistakenly delete something you actually need.
  • CHANGE: Default colors.
  • CHANGE: When custom files are selected, the Custom button font turns to bold.
 5/18/2007  OnGuard Backup 1.09

  • Should be compatible with the Treo 755p (Related to the backup on auto-off option when the call is muted until pressing a button) - Please report any issues here
  • OnGuard Restore (OGR) changes (you must open OGB after installation in order to copy the new version of OGR to the card) -
  • NEW: Option to disable real-time backups when the restore process completes.
    Prevent overwriting "good" backup sets with "bad" ones: This will allow you to check if you restored the correct backup set or need to launch OnGuard Restore again to restore a different one. Re-enable real-time backups by launching OnGuard Backup or selecting "Cancel" from the "Disable backups" alert.
  • Redesigned restore form:
    • Overwrite Existing Files check box: Select to overwrite existing files in the main memory (RAM) with the files on the card.
    • Delete Directory checkbox: Delete the directory and backup set files from the card when the restore process completes.
  • Removed "No Settings" alert when the Restore Settings checkbox is selected and there are no settings to restore.
 12/20/2006  Uninstall Manager v3.11

  • Release Version
  • CHANGE: Force Delete of all protected files from anywhere, not just the Applications View.
  • FIX: Deleting unassociated installed files when uninstalling applications: Will not check if the file belongs to a different app when the file itself is an application.
  • Don't forget - Refresh Your Memory: Consumer Alert
 12/20/2006  OnGuard Backup v1.08

  • Release version.
  • CHANGE: Menu is now compatible with other NeatFreak Pack programs.
 12/17/2006  OnGuard Backup v1.08b

  • FIX: Treo 680/700p bug related to the Auto-off setting when the call is muted until pressing a button.
  • Needs testing: Check if the Backup Before Auto-off option is working before and after incoming and outgoing calls for selected applications.
 12/17/2006  Uninstall Manager v3.11b

  • NEW: You can now force deletion of protected files.
  • CHANGE: Newer icons.
 12/12/2006  Uninstall Manager v3.10b

  • CHANGE: Improved Sandbox mode for monitoring newly installed applications hiding preferences when a reset is forced/required (Sandbox mode must be used).
  • CHANGE: New Hi-Res Icon.
 11/29/2006  Northglide Undo v1.00b3

  • FIX: Under some occasions, restore points appeared to have the same date and time.
  • Misc. minor changes.
 11/29/2006  Uninstall Manager v3.09

  • NEW: Start Recording shortcut -
    The shortcut is a small application (2KB in size) available under the More folder inside UM's Zip file. You can assign this shortcut to a hardware button, or a special launcher (such as HiLauncher or McPhling) to start UM's Recording Mode from anywhere. Once the recording is active, you will return to the application it was started from.
    Stop the recording by pressing on any hardware button. See the manual for more.
  • CHANGE: Redesigned menu for better compatibility (removed the 'More' dropdown menu and added 'NeatFreak').
  • FIX: GUI Problem introduced in the previous version after selecting Cancel when viewing the Delete Application dialog.
 11/24/2006  Northglide Undo v1.00b2

  • NEW: Added connectivity to Uninstall Manager: UM can now use NG Undo to create uninstallation rollbacks for deleted applications. You can later use NG Undo to restore the application including its files and preferences back to your device. Please see UM’s manual and NG Undo’s manual for more.
  • CHANGE: The restore point directory is deleted when manually creating restore points. Older files are still overwritten by newer copies when the restore point is triggered before the HotSync process.
  • CHANGE: Shortcut for creating restore points caption on the application launcher is now: "Restore Pnt" (instead of the longer name: Create Restore Point).
  • FIX: Strips invalid file name characters when adding custom files to the restore point and when an uninstallation rollback is created using UM.
 11/24/2006  Uninstall Manager v3.08

  • NEW: UM now allows you to quickly change your mind and allows for uninstallation rollbacks using Northglide Undo.
    By selecting the Enable Undo option when deleting applications, Northglide Undo will be called to perform a restore point specific for that application.
    Please see Uninstall Manager's and Northglide Undo user manuals for more.
    • Note: Northglide Undo MUST be installed for this function to work.
  • Minor misc. GUI changes.
 11/20/2006  Announcing Northglide Undo

  • Release BETA version - For testing purposes only.
  • See here for more.
 10/08/2006  OnGuard Backup v1.07

  • Release version.
  • Some minor code improvements for the new backup on auto-off function.
  • Updated info text on the Advanced Options dialog.
 09/23/2006  OnGuard Backup v1.07b BETA - For testing purposes ONLY

  • NEW: Option to backup selected applications before the chosen period of inactivity (Auto-off settings from your device's Preferences panel) when the device turns off to conserve power.
  • CHANGE: Advance options: Synchronize, Backup on Page-Down and Backup Before Auto-off are now accessible using a separate dialog when adding applications for real-time backup (Select the 'More' button).
  • CHANGE: Advanced options are not saved when adding new applications and you have to explicitly select them again.
  • Upgrade Note: Open the new beta version immediately after installation so that the database will be converted to the new format.
 09/09/2006  Uninstall Manager v3.06

  • FIX: Installation Monitoring (including the Sandbox mode) is now working on all Treo 700p Smartphones.
  • This update is only required if your have a Treo 700p device and installation monitoring was not working.
 6/02/2006  Uninstall Manager v3.05

  • Release version.
  • CHANGE: Added help to the Create Sandbox command.
  • CHANGE: The "Search Card for Files" option (Uninstall Application dialog) will not return results from UM's directory.
  • CHANGE: Minor wording changes.


 5/30/2006  Uninstall Manager v3.05b

  • NEW: Menu command 'Create Sandbox' - Create a Sandbox on the expansion card from installed applications. After creating a Sandbox for a certain application and then deleting it from within Uninstall Manager, you can launch it via the "Sandbox view".
  • CHANGE: When deleting applications via the Applications view and clearing all check boxes but the application file itself, all of its associated files will remain on your device, but will be added to the Monitored items view so you can easily delete them at a later time (Technical note: the items will be added under UM's Creator ID: uHkt).
  • FIX: Recording button alignment when the screen is extended (T3 / TX / Sony NX / etc).


 03/24/2006  OnGuard Backup v1.06
  • Release version


 03/22/2006  OnGuard Backup v1.06b3
  • v1.06b2 >> CHANGE: Will not show the Backup Destination dialog on launch by default.
  • v1.06b2 >> CHANGE: Better support for unnamed cards and devices with one expansion slot.
  • v1.06b2 >> CHANGE: Will display "External Card" on the Backup Destination dialog when the card has no label.


 03/21/2006  OnGuard Backup v1.06b2
  • v1.06b >> CHANGE: Better support for upgrading from v1.05 (less error prompts).
  • v1.06b >> CHANGE: Added alert to insert the card when OGB is opened and the card is not present.


 03/19/2006  OnGuard Backup v1.06b
  • NEW: Added support for multiple cards (including the Internal Drive on selected models).
  • NEW: Backup on Page-Down: You can now select to backup applications ONLY when the page-down button is pressed (upon exit).
  • CHANGE: OnGuard Restore lists available backups across all volumes/cards.
  • FIX: OGB will create the PALM directory on the card if it doesn't exist.


 01/13/2006  OnGuard Backup v1.05
  • Release version.


 01/10/2006  OnGuard Backup v1.05bR2
  • CHANGE: New dialog for quick removal of apps from the real-time backup list.
  • CHANGE: Minor GUI & DIA (Dynamic Input Area) adjustments.


 12/31/2005  OnGuard Backup v1.05b
  • NEW: Add multiple applications by tapping the icon on the left of each application (Add Applications dialog).
  • FIX: Couldn't create directories for databases that end with a space (e.g. IBM Java VM)
  • CHANGE: Applications that are already selected are shown using bold font (Add Applications dialog).
  • CHANGE: ROM applications are no longer underlined (Add Applications dialog).
  • CHANGE: Selected applications are sorted at the top of the list (Add Applications dialog)
  • CHANGE: The monitored items list (from UM's log file) will list all items belonging to all of the selected applications.
  • CHANGE: 'Delete Backups' menu command will now clear the real-time backup list as well as deleting previously backed-up files from the card.
 12/10/2005  OnGuard Backup v1.04
  • FIX: Better handling of invalid characters when backing up files.
  • CHANGE: Requires confirmation when removing apps from the real-time backup list.


 12/09/2005  Uninstall Manager v3.03
  • NEW: Added support for Treo 600/650 5-Way Navigator (Rocker).
  • FIX: Unable to display directories on the card when rare directory attributes are used.
  • CHANGE: Remove Items alert’s 'Yes' button is now 'Remove from Log' (to avoid confusion).
  • CHANGE: Remove button will not be visible under the Cards view.
  • CHANGE: Buttons will now graphically respond to a tap or press.
  • CHANGE: Other misc. minor GUI adjustments.


 12/06/2005  OnGuard Backup v1.03
  • FIX: When using the Rotate Backups option with RAM shortcuts (ZLauncher, LinkStart, etc) multiple directories could not be created due to 'bad file names'.
  • FIX: Potential problem when deleting backups from the card ('Delete Backups' menu command).


 12/02/2005  OnGuard Backup v1.02
  • FIX: On certain devices, OGB occasionally "forgets" it's registered.
  • CHANGE: OnGuard Restore will now show the exact time, including the second the backup was made.
    - This is useful when using the Rotate Backup option, to see exactly when the last ‘good’ backup was made.
  • CHANGE: OnGuard Backup will check OGR's latest version and ask to copy it to the card if an older version was found.
  • CHANGE: Settings and Monitored Preferences are no longer backed-up by default:

    - The settings are ALWAYS backed-up and this can cause a tiny delay when exiting applications.

    Under most circumstances, you do not need to backup the application’s preferences and the delay is unnecessary.

    - Add PIM apps. menu command will ignore the PIM applications' settings when backing them up.

    - Added warning when selecting Settings or Monitored Prefs.

    - You now have to explicitly select to backup settings (the options is no longer remembered for the next app).


 11/27/2005  Uninstall Manager v3.00

  • NEW: Completely new GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • NEW: Many other graphic changes/customization which makes UM's features much more accessible.
  • NEW: Recording Mode - Start a Recording, download files from the internet, receive files from friends (Bluetooth, IR, etc) and copy files from the expansion card.
    ...with a push of a button you can quickly undo all changes to your device.
    * Similar to the Sandbox mode but the Recording Mode is always accessible (not only upon HotSync) and is not application-centered.
  • NEW: Group Files on the expansion card as well as the main memory (RAM). You can now use the Group Files command to group different files on the card with RAM based applications. Group different language files with the dictionary, movies with the media player, etc'. This new feature adds another unique UM's only functionality that will make sure that your card is kept even cleaner than before.
    * You can also use the Group Files command when using OnGuard Backup to add files to applications that are set for real-time backup.
  • NEW: Smart Monitoring Mode (Settings dialog) – You can use Smart Monitoring to make sure that only the real hidden items are monitored.
  • NEW: Help Mode has been greatly enhanced.
  • NEW: Menu command to refresh/compact UM's log file to minimize the file's size.
    UM will automatically refresh the log file every 10th launch.
  • CHANGE: Delete Application dialog
  • CHANGE: Misc. Bitmaps.
  • CHANGE: Add applications to the Ignore List straight from the Applications view (no need to manually enter Creator IDs).
  • CHANGE: You can now remove single items from UM's log file using the Remove command (useful if you mistakenly group unrelated files under different applications).
  • CHANGE: Menu order (added a new Tools menu).
  • CHANGE: Misc. Code improvements.
  • CHANGE: Pop-ups are more convenient when the file name is longer than the maximum list width.
  • CHANGE: You are no longer required to soft-reset your device upon installation.
  • CHANGE: When quitting the Sandbox, you can now switch to the Launcher application and not the application that was running inside the Sandbox.
  • CHANGE: Improved compatibility with devices that have multiple expansion cards.
  • CHANGE: Changed/Added misc. warning alerts.
  • CHANGE: Other misc. changes and improvements.


 11/27/2005  Cleanup v3.44
  • Added option to show Preferences of the same Creator ID in groups.
  • Added option to copy the Preferences backup file to the card after a backup is made.
  • Misc. Minor GUI changes / Warnings.
  • Misc. Minor code improvements.



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