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NeatFreak Pack Ultimate! | Read the Reviews
The Ultimate Keep It Clean Solution for your Palm Powered™ Handheld or Smartphone featuring Undo and Real-Time Backup!

Stay on top of your software installations: The NeatFreak Pack Ultimate includes Cleanup, to clean your device from old leftovers, Uninstall Manager to make sure it stays that way, OnGuard Backup, to keep your most important information safe as well as Northglide Undo that allows you to rollback any changes and get back to work in no time!
Spring Clean your Handheld

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Latest Updates

UM Screenshot

Uninstall Manager v3.24

Garbage is eating up your RAM!
Uninstall Manager saves valuable memory space while keeping your device clean and trouble-free. Make sure that newly installed applications will be completely removed when they are no longer needed. Sandbox, Recording mode, uninstallation rollbacks and so much more - This is what makes UM the best uninstaller around. Find out more...

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OGB Screenshot OnGuard Backup v1.14

The next generation of backup on the Palm!
No longer do you have to worry about scheduling or backup sets, you now have real-time backup for your important data! OnGuard Backup gives you the peace of mind that the backups you keep on the expansion card are up-to-the-minute current and quickly available to you if need be. With full integration to Uninstall Manager, OnGuard Backup works in real-time to automatically backup individual applications. Find out more...

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Cleanup Screenshot Cleanup v4.01

Your device and expansion card are most likely cluttered with unneeded chunks of data that just take up precious space, might slow it down and cause problems! - Cleanup is here to help. With features such as a growing Signature File that helps you to easily identify mysterious items, deep code full card search, complete backup and restore, Ignore List, Quick Clean, Spacemaker, expansion card files analyzer and much more. Cleanup makes it a breeze to safely get rid of leftovers, keeps your device running faster and will help you clear up some extra space! Find out more...

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NG Cloner Screenshot

Northglide Cloner v1.01

Northglide Cloner is a truly unique program that lets you extend your favorite applications like never before. By making exact replicates of selected applications, Northglide Cloner lets you create your own multi-user Palm! Keep multiple Address Books, Date Books, accounting programs with multiple accounts, games with different difficulty levels and so much more. You can create replicates just to play with, without damaging the original data, and even create shortcuts to launch applications with a selected profile directly from your favorite launcher screen. If one of your favorite applications is limited to a single profile, or you are relying on an old program that will never be updated again, Northglide Cloner is for you! Find out more...

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Dropairs Screenshot

Dropairs v1.15

FREE, expandable fast-paced puzzle game. Each Pair Board is a totally new experience, Over 80 Pair Boards are available and we keep 'em coming at ya for FREE! Feeling creative? For those of you who'd like to make your own Pair Boards: Check out the Pair Board Maker. Browse all available Pair Boards in the Pair Board Gallery.

Match the Pairs - But don't blink!

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