SideSlide Change Log

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v4.4.00 - June 26, 2019

  • New and Changes

    • - You can now set the docking bar position relative to the workspace. The docking bar can now be placed left or right when the workspace is docked to the top or bottom of the screen, or top or bottom, when its docked to the sides. See Settings > Dock > Relative Position.
      - Renamed "Folder Container" as "Folder Connector" to better describe the functionality.
      - A message box will no longer appear when an updated version is available to download when starting the program (or keeping it open for a couple of days). Instead, a much less intrusive "Update Available" link will be displayed in the title bar. Remember that you can completely disable the update check from within the Settings dialog.
      - Added Command-line Options overview to the Help menu.
      - Rearranged Help Menu items.
  • Fixes

    • - Reminder Dialog: The wrong year was selected when the dialog was opened.
      - When the option Draw to Create was selected to create containers by drawing them on the workspace, the info tip did not appear in the title bar when the Time and Date were displayed.

    v4.3.60 - February 1, 2019

  • New and Changes

    • - Added Alt+O keyboard shortcut to open shortcuts' file location (target path). This keyboard shortcut is useful to open the path of shortcuts when using the Keyboard Launcher.
      - Add Reminder dialog: The +/- buttons to add/subtract minutes to/from the time now change the reminder's time by 5 minutes (previously it was 10).
      - You can now open multiple files from the Windows Explorer (Desktop, etc) with a shortcut within SideSlide by dragging the files from Explorer over the shortcut in the workspace.
  • Fixes

    • - Random program crash when expanding shrunken containers.
      - Dragging a shortcut by its icon and dropping it on its own label moved the shortcut even when the workspace was locked for editing.
      - Command line arguments help screen (running: "sideslide.exe /?") was incorrectly formated.
      - Fixed "losing" the workspace (or, workspace becomes transparent) when changing resolution, screen orientation, moving the taskbar across the screen or connecting/disconnecting an external monitor (when Dock >> Size >> Normal is used). The workspace will now be centered so you can easily reposition it.

    v4.3.00 - September 10, 2018

  • New and Changes

    • - Completely redesigned Settings & Appearance Dialog. It's now much easier to review and change the program's settings by selecting the desired section from the list on the left-hand side of the dialog and then the options on the right-hand side.
      - Refresh RSS using Shift + Left Click on the container title or icon (when the container is shrunk).

    v4.2.90 - August 23, 2018

  • New and Changes

    • - Multiple changes to containers' tooltip making this feature much more useful:

        What it is: Container tooltips show up when the mouse hovers over the container icon when shrunk or title when folded to see information about items within the container (shortcuts, RSS headlines, notes, etc).

        - The mouse handling tips on how to control the container with the mouse (expand, shrink, move, etc) have been moved to the bottom of the tooltip, and can now be completely hidden from the new drop down list on the right of the Tooltip check box in the Settings dialog.
        - Switch to "Info" from the drop down list once you are familiar with the various ways of controlling containers with the mouse.
        - Other misc. minor changes to the way the tips are displayed.

      - New Themes: Dark Order/ Blue Order/ Techno Brown/ Techno Blue (including wallpapers, title-bar buttons and colors).
      - New Color theme/buttons: Modern Dark.
      - Removed legacy option/check-box "Expand to Center" from the Settings dialog for shrunken containers. Expand to Center is now the default.
      - Other misc. minor dialog design changes and others.
  • Fixes

    • - Double clicking a non-existing picture shortcut to open the Shortcut Properties dialog could have crashed the program.
      - "Auto Expand: Long" (delay before the container expands on mouse move) did not work properly plus some other fixes to the auto-expand functionality.
      - Adding a new URL (New >> Web URL) could have positioned the web shortcut in the wrong place on the workspace/container.
      - Display change (changing resolution/starting a game) made the workspace visible even when it was supposed to remain hidden (Hide Workspace selected from the System Tray icon).
      - Hide Workspace didn't work when docking border size Normal and Small were selected.
      - Other misc. minor fixes.

    v4.2.80 - August 06, 2018

  • New and Changes

    • - Added a new right-click menu to the Lock/Unlock Workspace for Editing button (top right corner of the workspace, next to the Dock button). You can now select between locking the movement of all objects in the workspace or only shortcuts.
      - Added setting "Start Web Search on Spacebar" under the Keyboard Navigation/Web Search section in the Settings dialog. Selecting this option will cause any input in the Keyboard Launcher that includes a space character to start a web search, as opposed to entering 's ' + search query. Omitting the space will look for workspace shortcuts instead.
      - When a single shortcut is selected and it's inside a container, the container's name will be shown in square brackets (in the workspace title-bar). This is useful when using the Keyboard Launcher to find shortcuts that are inside shrunken containers.
      - Added a new command to the shortcuts' right-click menu: "Command Prompt" below the "Open File Location" menu item. This will open the command prompt in the location of the shortcut's root folder.
      - Added "Keyboard Launcher" menu item to the main workspace menu to show the keyboard launcher using the mouse.
      - Added "What's New" link to the Container library dialog (performs the same action when leaving the search field empty and pressing enter/clicking the Go button)
      - RSS News Feeds Subject Tracker: When a subject is found and an headline is highlighted, the RSS News Feed container small RSS icon (the icon drawn on top of the container icon to indicate it's an RSS container) will change into green, to indicate that subjects you are tracking were found, in case the container is shrunk when refreshed.
      - RSS Viewer toolbar buttons are now at the top of the window and the RSS selector is the first item from the left (replacing the refresh button).
      - Other misc. minor changes.
  • Fixes

    • - Launching shortcuts at startup from the #STARTUP container caused the workspace to collapse to a Large docking border size when Normal or Small were selected.
      - The Target Path ("Start in") was ignored when adding shortcuts from the Windows Explorer (Desktop, etc) to the workspace.
      - RSS Subject Tracker >> Add (to add a new subject to track) and other input dialogs didn't always accept all input.

    v4.2.50 - March 13, 2018

  • New and Changes

    • Enhanced reminders functionality:

        - New setting "Repeat Reminder" under the Settings dialog. Select this option to keep the reminder alert going for 10 times every 3 seconds, unless you snooze or mark it as complete.
        - Quickly create red (important) reminders by including ** (two asterisks) in the reminder's text.
        - The reminder notification dialog is now bigger and easier to dismiss/change with the mouse or touch.
        - Reminder options "Edit" and "Delete" renamed as "Open" and "Complete".
        - A tooltip has been added to the reminder notification title in case the reminder name is too long to be fully visible.
        - An additional alarm sound can be downloaded from here.

      - Pretty small but significant UI change: New setting: Expand to Center (selected by default). Shrunk containers in the center of the workspace will expand to the center instead of to the right-hand side, as long as they remain fully visible once expanded. Deselect this option to revert to the previous behavior.

      Remember: You can shrink containers back by double-clicking an empty space between the shortcuts or headlines (in RSS containers). RSS containers can also be shrunk back using the right mouse button.

  • Fixes

    • - Shrinking containers by double-clicking on an empty space inside could have caused a container or a shortcut below to move.

    v4.2.00 - February 20, 2018

  • New and Changes

    • Enhanced keyboard functionality:

        - New KB Launcher command: Quick Reminder. Enter "r " followed by a value (minute) from 0 to 99 and then the reminder text. Example: "r 10 feed Charlie" (set a 10 minute reminder).
        - Added the ability to, both, select shortcuts using [Shift] + [Arrow Keys] and move them across the workspace or within a container by holding down the [Ctrl] key. This new feature is especially useful to make small adjustments that are harder to do with the mouse.
        - Ctrl+Enter: Run the selected shortcut as administrator.
        - Ctrl+Number Speed Launch now also works to launch a shortcut when the Keyboard Launcher is visible.

      - New option under the Shortcut Properties dialog: Prompt for Parameters. Selecting this option will always prompt for parameters before launching the selected shortcut. Any parameters already selected for the shortcut will appear in the message prompt and you can also ignore them altogether.
      - Reminders: Added the ability to choose a custom background color for the reminder from within the Add Reminder dialog. Reminder: You can always change a reminder's colors by right-clicking it.
      - Adding a new RSS feed does no longer check the validity of the URL using the built-in Windows function (if it fails, it fails) so you can now, for example, add Twitter feeds using
      - New 'Web Search' command added to the shortcut's right-click menu to open the selected search engine and search the shortcut's name.
      - Faster startup speed: Removed a Windows native function that that determines if a file exists before the shortcut's icon is drawn. This should slightly improve the loading speed when most of the files in the workspace exist on the local disk. It's best to place shortcuts to network files/folders in a container and not the workspace to improve startup speed.
      - When using the Keyboard Launcher, shortcuts in network locations will now be displayed using a generic icon to improve speed.
      - Undo/Redo buffer increased to 100.
      - Added user's Desktop and Start Menu Programs shortcuts to new installations.
      - New title-bar button theme: Dots - For black background.
      - New 'missing shortcut' icons.
      - Changed default font for new installation to "Segoe UI".
      - Misc. minor GUI adjustments and other small changes.
  • Fixes

    • - When the screen resolution or orientation is changed, the workspace will now center and dock again.
      - Creating new objects from the Keyboard Launcher (a new note or a reminder) or using a hotkeys (Ctrl+T, Ctrl+E, Ctrl+R, Ctrl+P; when undocking the workspace using the Global Hotkey) could have positioned them outside the visible workspace.
      - Crash when deleting reminders from the reminder popup window after clearing the workspace.
      - Wasn't working in a few of the last versions: When a single shortcut is selected, its name will now appear in the titlebar.
      - Menu key/Shift+F10 now correctly shows the menu for the workspace or selected shortcuts.
      - The shortcut Mini-toolbar is now closed when using the arrow keys to select shortcuts.
      - Other misc. minor fixes.

    v4.1.00 - February 8, 2018

  • New and Changes

    • - Quick expression calculator Improvements:

        - Continue the calculation after the result is shown.
        - Improved calculation function and bug fixes.
        - Added the ability to calculate powers (^).
        - You can use a comma (,) instead of a dot in the expression.
        - New setting "Speed Launch" under the General section in the Settings dialog: Select (default) to use the number keys to speed launch selected shortcuts; Deselect to use the number keys to start the expression calculator, in addition to entering the equal sign ('='). Use Ctrl+Number for Speed Launch when this setting is unselected.

      - Tags listed under the Tags Menu and the Edit Tags dialog are now sorted alphabetically.
      - The message asking whether to apply style settings or not when multiple shortcuts are selected has been replaced by a checkbox in the Shortcut Properties dialog.
      - Added "Shortcut Properties" item to the 'Select Color' menu (in the shortcut mini-toolbar) that allows you to quickly open the Shortcut Properties dialog.
      - New theme: Alien Planet.
      - Other misc. minor changes.
  • Fixes

    • - Problems preventing automatic selection of files/folders right after adding them to the workspace from the right-click menu (New >> File/Folder Shortcut).
      - Wrongly positioning shortcuts with small icons after drag & drop.
      - Problem that prevented the workspace from undocking when the mouse was over the docking border (when Normal and Small sizes were used).
      - Trying to move around detached containers with the mouse could sometimes fail.
      - Picture Preview and Slideshow didn't work with shortcuts with ".jpeg" extension (as opposed to ".jpg").

    v4.0.23 - January 2, 2018

  • New and Changes

    • Undo/Redo:

        - The Undo (Ctrl+Z) functionality has been extended and now also works with shortcuts in addition to containers.
        - The option to Redo (Ctrl+Y) has been added.
        - Move shortcuts/containers around the workspace and undo/redo the last move (up to 50).
        - Undo/Redo commands added to the workspace right-click menu under "Arrange" (in addition to the keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y).
        - Added "Clear Undo/Redo Buffer" command to the "Arrange" menu.

      - New "Start in Background" command added to the shortcut right-click menu. This new option allows you to launch selected shortcut(s) while keeping SideSlide in focus (the workspace will not automatically collapse).
      - The setting: "Containers >> Show Tooltips" does no longer affects reminders' tooltips.

    v4.0.10 - November 24, 2017

  • New and Changes

    • - Added the ability to open files from Windows (Desktop, etc) by dragging and dropping them on top of shortcuts in the workspace. The file you want to open with a program that is already in SideSlide does no longer have to be in the workspace as well. Example: Add a shortcut to the workspace to Notepad++ and drag a text file from the desktop to the Notepad++ shortcut within SideSlide.
      Reminder: This can also be done when both file and program are in the workspace by dragging a shortcut icon and dropping it on top of another shortcut name label (also works when dragging multiple shortcuts).
      - Added the ability to use the number keys (0-9) with the Global Hotkey. Example: You can now select [Alt]+[1] (and many others) to be used as the Global Hotkey to show and hide the workspace using they keyboard.
      - Added information to the "Open with..." confirmation that it can be disabled from the Settings dialog.
      - Changed tooltip when dragging a shortcut to start with another in case multiple shortcuts are selected.
      - Other misc. minor changes.
  • Fixes

    • - Some changes to the way the workspace indicates when it's in focus or not for keyboard input.
      - Duplicate tags could sometimes be listed in the Edit Tags dialog.

    v4.0.01 - October 31, 2017

    - Fix for a bug introduced in SideSlide v4 related to displaying pictures in the workspace.

    v4.0.00 - October 29, 2017

    - Release Version.
    - See the change log for v4.0.00b below for a complete list of new features, changes and bug fixes.

    v4.0.00b3 (Beta Version for testing purposes) - October 21, 2017

  • New and Changes

    • - See the change log for v4.0.00b below for a complete list of new features, changes and bug fixes.
      - Settings dialog: The information to display in SideSlide's title bar is now under a drop down list (Default, Date/Time and System Info).
      - The Speed Launch list shortcut key ("/") is now shown in the workspace's right click menu.
      - Added Conrol Panel container to new installations.

    v4.0.00b2 (Beta Version for testing purposes) - October 17, 2017

  • New and Changes

    • - See the change log for v4.0.00b below for a complete list of new features, changes and bug fixes.
  • Fixes
    • Bugs introduced in the first beta:

      - Reminders didn't work when one of the new docking bar sizes (Normal, Small) was selected and the workspace was tucked away.
      - Crash when trying to pin a non-existing picture (when hovering over a picture file shortcut).
      - Crash when pasting already existing shortcuts.
      - The "Flash" setting was re-enabled when opening the Settings dialog.
      - "Flash" remained enabled when switching from visible to invisible docking bar while size "Normal" was selected.
      - "Fold effect" is now disabled when folding/unfolding containers by double-clicking the container name.
      - Converting a picture to a shortcut will first check if a shortcut to that picture doesn't already exist in the workspace/container.
      - Other misc. minor GUI related fixes.

    v4.0.00b (Beta Version for testing purposes) - October, 11, 2017

  • New and Changes

    • - Size of the Docking Bar: You can now select between 3 different sizes for the workspace when its docked/tucked away. The new 'Normal' size is the default for new installations and you can select between a Normal, Small and Large (The size of the workspace itself; the default size before this version). By the default, the workspace will flash a couple of times whenever it docks/hides to remind you where it is. The new Normal and Small docking border size options allow you to keep a much bigger workspace for all your work, but in a more accessible and compact way. The "Invisible border" option is only available for the Large docking bar size (Same as in previous versions).
      - Added the ability to start web searches directly from the Keyboard Launcher.
      Undock the workspace (with the mouse or the Global Hotkey), enter "s " followed by the search query then press [enter].
      Select the default search engine in the Settings dialog or define your own search URL.
      - Set the seconds for briefly unlocking the workspace to 10, 15 or 20.
      The workspace will briefly unlock when clicking the Unlock button that shows up when trying to move objects while the workspace is locked for editing.
      - Multiple changes to portable installation/adding objects from relative path. It's now much easier to add objects from the same USB drive SideSlide is running from even when the drive letter changes.
        - When SideSlide is running from a removable drive, all shortcuts and pictures you add from the same drive will now use the relative path drive letter (@ instead of the drive letter).
        - Changing the target file from within Shortcut Properties will automatically convert the shortcut to a relative path.
        - Changing container icons when shrunk: The program will no longer ask to turn icons to a relative path when not running from a removable drive.
        - Removed "relative path" check-box form the Appearance dialog under Wallpaper. Any wallpaper you add from the same USB drive SideSlide is installed to will be added correctly.
        - Removed "Change to relative path" menu options from shortcuts and pictures as there is no longer a need to manually select this option.

      - New "Send To" Shortcut Menu command. This works like the Send To menu in Windows and allows you to activate selected shortcuts with specific programs. The same functionality is provided when dragging a shortcut icon on top of a shortcut label. The Send To list is based on the programs selected for Speed Launch.
      - System Info: Option to display free memory (in bytes and percent) and total CPU utilization in the title bar.
      - Hovering with the mouse over the workspace title now provides more information about various selected settings and also displays the currently selected shortcut.
      - Keyboard Launcher tips are now shown when the Keyboard Launcher opens up (This option can be disabled).
      - New menu command "Paste to Container" (Ctrl+Shift+V) to paste clipboard shortcuts into a new container.
      - New setting "Show Tooltips" under the Containers section in the Settings dialog to control whether tips with information about items inside the container are visible or not.
      - Added ability to abort Refresh All and Refresh Selected RSS news feed containers using the Esc key.
      - The Select Shortcut Color and Delete buttons now appear in the Shortcut Mini-Toolbar even when the workspace is locked for editing.
      - Added an option to enable/disable the confirmation whether to create a container with shortcuts inside or just add a shortcut to the folder when adding folders to the workspace.
      - Changed Tag and Note Keyboard Launcher shortcuts from "t:" to "t " and "n:" to "n " (Removed "note:" and "tag:").
      - Slightly faster shortcut launch.
      - Clicking the workspace will fold containers that have been unfolded by double-clicking the container label, and not only when the workspace docks back or expanding shrunk containers.
      - Container tooltip now shows the beginning of the note if visible (for shrunken and folded containers).
      - When clicking the Unlock button to briefly unlock the workspace for editing, the workspace won't lock back while moving objects around.
      - Renamed "Directory Shortcut" as "Folder Shortcut".
      - Shift + F10 now opens the right click menu
      - Tooltips color is now more consistent across the programs.
      - Folded containers now use gradient fill.
      - The "Visible Border" setting and border color is now back to the Settings dialog (it was on the Appearance dialog but it's separated from the workspace colors/theme).
      - The Grab Focus check box in the Settings dialog is now disabled when "Undock on Click" is selected (the workspace gets the focus when you click it).
      - RSS tooltip is now delayed when using the mouse and don't pop out immediately.
      - Converting a picture to a shortcut and vice versa no longer requires confirmation.
      - Converting notes to reminders and reminders to notes no longer requires confirmation.
      - Slightly increased the time for hovering over the shrink/expand button to expand shrunken containers for Short Delay (default setting) and Long Delay.
      - Slight modification of the Settings dialog to accommodate the new options plus some GUI changes. It's a bit clearer now.
      - "Add RSS News Feeds" dialog has been redesigned to make more sense.
      - Smoother animation for container effects with less flicker.
      - More consistency between different program dialog/windows.
      - Added drop shadow to the Speed Launch dialog.
      - "Double-Click to Start" shortcuts is now the default for new installations.
      - Added new color themes.
      - Changed default toolbar button images to MODERN (Skin\Buttons\Modern) when the Skin folder is not installed (running SideSlide from a removable drive).
      - Removed F4 (Ignore Changes), F5 (Clear Workspace) and F6 (Defaults) keyboard shortcuts from the Settings dialog to prevent mistakes.
      - Removed "Keep Above Taskbar" setting. The workspace and detached containers will always be above the taskbar (when docked in the same location).
      - Removed horizontal line from the top of the container for a cleaner look that match with with detached containers.
      - Removed Unfold effect (effect when folding containers is still there).
      - Removed 'Bring Forward' menu option for pictures. The picture is in any case brought forward when you select it.
      - Removed 'Finger pointer' from most objects in the workspace except for shortcuts when not using the default option, "Double Click to Start" and for RSS headlines.
      - Removed Google search button from the Shortcut Properties dialog.
      - Removed setting: 'Large icon size'. You can manually set it in the ini under the [Large Icon Size] section.
      - Many other misc. changes.
  • Fixes

    • - The briefly unlock button will not longer popup when the workspace is locked and a shortcut was launched using the mouse.
      - When adding new URLs (Add URL dialog), the shortcut label didn't adjust when adding URLs that begin with "https://".
      - 'Workspace locked' indication will now show when trying to select a container with the Ctrl key.
      - Aligning shortcuts created unnecessary space when sorting more than a few shortcuts if Arrange >> Align was selected.
      - Different objects (pics, containers and shortcuts) will only start moving when the mouse moves a for a few pixels within the object, more inline with the way Windows works. This is especially noticeable when using Double-Click to start shortcuts and the workspace is unlocked for editing and generally prevents accidental object movement when the workspace is unlocked.
      - Fixed mouse pointer inconsistency in note containers.
      - Selecting "Finish" when adding RSS news feeds without changing the web address from "http://" will now simply close the dialog without an error message.
      - Selecting "Add" in the Add URL dialog without changing the default text from "http://" will now close the dialog.
      - When selecting to display the time and date the title bar it continued to be displayed when a single shortcut is selected.
      - Tooltip didn't stay visible when hovering over flipped containers name label (containers that unfold from bottom to top).
      - Slowed down the mouse wheel horizontal scroll in news feed containers.
      - Ctrl+C when there are no shortcuts in the workspace could crash the program.
      - Moving pictures in the workspace would sometimes add extra blank space to the moving image.
      - Problem unselecting shortcuts with the left mouse button after detaching containers from the workspace.
      - Fixed inconsistency in detached RSS headline tooltips.
      - Creating notes from news feed items could place the notes outside the viewable workspace.
      - Note containers are no longer selected/focused when using Spacebar Flip to scroll through containers.
      - Scrolling through flipped notes containers didn't always work (folded note containers at the bottom of the workspace).
      - The 'P' button that invokes the Windows File Properties dialog now uses the text in the 'Target' field and an error message will be displayed if the call failed.
      - When the setting 'Undock on click" was selected, the workspace would have undock on 'mouse move' immediately after the workspace docks back when clicking to launch a shortcut.
      - Workspace collapsed when confirming the removal of multiple shortcuts by clicking the 'Remove' button in the shortcuts mini-toolbar.
      - Better handling of RSS news feeds that are initially forbidden to access (Increased the timeout until the feed is successfully processed).
      - Fixed multiple problems related to creating containers after the maximum number of allowed containers has been reached.
      - Fixed the positioning of containers inside the workspace when adding multiple containers from the online library.
      - Problem opening URLs of certain RSS news feeds when the URL was improperly entered in the feed XML.
      - Bug that could crash the program when renaming a shortcut that is on the Recent menu.
      - The workspace will no longer collapse when failing to start a shortcut and opening the Shortcut Properties dialog.\.
      - Shortcut mini-toolbar now only works on left mouse button click.
      - Converting a note to a reminder and not setting the reminder deleted the note.
      - Converting a note to a reminder will now keep the note's colors.
      - Ctrl+Tab Hotkey did not appear next to the Tags >> Flip menu item.
      - Detaching note on creation (Settings option) could sometimes detach an empty container without a note.
      - Restoring a backup of SideSlide.ini (workspace backup) without the containers sub-folder could crash the program (This bug was related to the Recent menu).
      - Starting a selected shortcut which fails to launch when the program just loaded opened the wrong shortcut in the Shortcut Properties dialog.
      - More reliable way of launching shortcuts.
      - Many more minor fixes.

    v3.9.00 - September, 15, 2017

  • New and Changes

    • - New menu option, "Lock Size/Position", added to the Position menu: Selecting this option will lock the workspace position and size and you will not be able to move it via the title bar or resize it. This is especially useful when undocking the workspace with the finger while working in tablet mode.
      - Scroll RSS containers with your finger (on touch enabled devices) or by dragging the mouse pointer over the news feed (besides of using the mouse wheel/scrollbar).
      - Added a new "Darker" option when selecting a color for selected shortcuts based on the color of the shortcut's icon (from the Shortcut Mini-toolbar). There are now two options to choose from: Darker and Lighter.
      - The menu options: Online Tour, Check for Updates, Backup and About are not located under the new Help sub-menu (Workspace right-click menu).
      - Verify Shortcuts (Arrange menu command): Shortcuts with a custom existing icons are now considered to be valid. Select custom icons to shortcuts on removable media and the Verify Shortcuts command will consider these to be valid even when the media is not present.
      - Ctrl+C is now used to copy shortcuts to the clipboard and paste them in different containers/workspace (Ctrl+V or via the right click menu).
      - Changed the keyboard command for creating new containers from Ctrl+C to Ctrl+T.
      - Added shortcut parameters (if available) to the tooltip (when hovering over the shortcut with the mouse).
      - The shortcut tooltip now displays the entire path to the file, including the file's name, and no longer shows the shortcut's label.
      - The shortcut tooltip now shows more information in each line.
      - Added "/backup" command line option to backup SideSlide settings into a zip file (located in SideSlide's settings folder). Use this command to automate SideSlide backup from within a scheduled task or a 3rd party backup software. Suppress the 'backup complete' dialog by using the "/silent" command line parameter: "\...\SideSlide>SideSlide /backup /silent".
      - Launching SideSlide with the question mark ("/?") command line parameter will now show the available commands and exit the program.
      - Removed 'Shrink/Expand All' and 'Fold/Unfold All' Arrange menu options. Those were very old functions from before SideSlide v1 which probably aren't used by anyone anymore (I hope).
      - Minor adjustment to the location of the container's Fold/Unfold button.
      - New default toolbar buttons ("Modern").
      - Other misc. minor changes.
  • Fixes

    • - Detached containers disappeared when trying to attach them back to the workspace when the "Enable Fade-out" option was unselected.
      - Container could accidentally move when using the finger to shrink/expand them while the workspace was locked for editing.
      - Fixed a problem that could have prevented exposing the workspace when it was docked to the bottom or the right side of the screen.
      - Using Ctrl+V to paste files from different containers or the workspace instead of the right-click menu option could produce undesired results.
      - Shortcut comment wasn't showing when hovering over the shortcut with the mouse.

    v3.8.00 - February, 6, 2017

  • New and Changes
    • New and Improved RSS functionality:

      - Toggle highlighting of RSS search terms for each container ('Track Subjects').
      - 'Recent Search Terms' is now called 'Subject Tracker' to better describe the functionality.
      - Both headline and content are always searched (Descriptions/Headlines checkboxes removed).
      - You can now track up to 20 different subjects.
      - Add subjects to track from the new 'Add...' menu item. RSS search terms entered in the RSS Search dialog are also be added to the Subject Tracker list.
      - The subject you're tracking now appears in front of the headline.
      - RSS Settings menu items Article Tooltip, Built-in Viewer and Load on Startup options have been removed from the Settings dialog. Toggle 'Article tooltip' and 'Built-in viewer' for each RSS container and use the "/loadrss" command line option to download all headlines on startup.
    • More:

      - Keyboard Launcher: Create quick notes by entering 'n:' or 'note:' followed by text.
      - You can now designate a container as a "Startup container" by naming a single container "#STARTUP" (the number sign followed by the word STARTUP in all caps). All of the shortcuts inside this container will be launched on program startup.
      - When launching the program (SideSlide.exe) when it's already running from the same location, the workspace will undock/collapse. You can use this functionality to show/hide SideSlide using 3rd party tools (e.g. The Microsoft Surface Pen shortcut button or a special mouse button).
      - You can now control the spacing between shortcuts for each container using the new container right click menu option: Arrange >> Double Line Spacing.
      - The Double Line Spacing option has been moved from the Settings dialog to the Arrange menu (affects spacing between workspace shortcuts).
      - The option to show or hide the thin border line when the workspace is collapsed has been moved from the Settings to the Appearance dialog above the border color selector.
      - About dialog is now centered relative to the workspace.
      - The Floating Toolbar has been removed (I'm not sure if anyone was using it and it wasn't really intuitive). Add new objects to the workspace using the right click menu.
      - Display the Speed Launch list showing all the shortcuts selected for Speed Launch (launch using 1-9) using the '/' key (forward slash). You can still show this dialog using the '?' key (question mark), but this option might be disabled in future versions.
      - Saving/backing-up when the workspace is unlocked for 10 seconds (to quickly reposition objects) will now lock the workspace before saving the settings file.
      - Shortcuts to the user name (profile), pictures and documents folders are added to the workspace on new installations.
      - The initial workspace position changed to the upper left part of the screen (as opposed to the center top) for new installations.
      - Select colors for different objects (Appearance dialog) by clicking the labels and not just the color boxes.
      - Settings dialog slightly reorganized.
      - Removed previous years (2016 and down) from the Reminder dialog 'Year' selection list.
      - Removed 'Faint Fadeout' from the Container effects list.
      - Removed Settings option: Focus on Expand/Unfold. The 'Grab Focus' option determines whether the workspace grabs focus (for keyboard input) or not when undocked. By default, the workspace will only grab the focus when you click it or use the Global Hotkey. You can use the mouse wheel to scroll through RSS news feeds without grabbing the keyboard/mouse focus.
      - New wallpaper (Bricks.jpg)
      - Multiple misc. minor changes.
  • Fixes

    • - Starting all shortcuts (by dbl-clicking the container icon, if the option was selected or from the container Shortcuts menu), wasn't working properly.
      - Double-Clicking a container icon (when shrunk) could have triggered 'Start all shortcuts' even when the option wasn't selected.
      - Using the keyboard launcher to open URLs that had the same name as a shortcut failed.
      - The workspace could appear to be in focus when the keyboard input was still going to another window.
      - RSS Search: Clicking a 'Recent Search Item' (now called 'Subject Tracker') to re-launch a search could sometimes fail.
      - Fixed backup link under the About dialog.
      - The Keyboard Launcher didn't reset back to its original state after the text has been cleared (Using Esc, backspace, etc).
      - Other misc. fixes.

    v3.7.00 - November, 25, 2016

  • New and Changes

    • - A new simple quick expression calcualtor, a part of the advanced Keyboard Launcher.
      Press the equal (=) sign key when the workspace is in focus followed by an expression. You can use *, /, +, - and parenthesis ()
      Example: =(((1000/2)-(50*3)) / 1000) * 25 + 8.25
      * You can use the Global Hotkey to undock the workspace and start using the calculator by pressing the equal (=) sign key.
      - Backup: Select the new workspace right-click menu item "Backup" to create a zip file containing SideSlide's settings.
      -- Keep this file in a safe location in case you need to restore the program to a previous state.
      - Added 'Copy path' option for shortcuts to copy the full shortcut path the clipboard.
      - Other misc. minor changes and fixes.

    v3.6.00 - March, 28, 2016

  • New and Changes

    • - Recent Shortcuts right-click menu: The new submenu (under New in the main worskapce menu) keeps track of the last shortcuts/commands that you launch and allows you to quickly relaunch them in the future. This feature is useful to quickly reopen previously running programs after you restart your computer.
      - The dialog that allows you to choose whether to restore the workspace or not when SideSlide wasn't properly closed (Windows crash, etc) was removed. The workspace will be automatically restored to its most recent state.
      - New keyboard shortcut: [F7] to maximize/restore the workspace. You can keep containers, shortcuts, pictures and notes in the maximize state and quickly access them when needed. You can also double-click the title-bar to maxmize the workspace. Use Ctrl+Tab to navigate worskpace wide tags.
      - Quickly open all shortcuts that share the same tag via the Keyboard Launcher: Enter "tag:" or "t:" followed by the tag name. For example, add the tag "browsers" to all of the installed web browsers and enter: "t:browsers" to open all of them at once. Remember that you can also right click a shortcut and select "Tag Start", or select the "Tag Start" check-box from the Shortcut Properties dialog.
      - Added backup information to the About dialog.
      - New Reloader dialog style (Settings dialog [F3] >> Ignore Changes [F4]) with the ability to close the dialog before SideSlide restarts.
      - Press [Alt]+[Space] to show the Dock menu (where you can change the position of the workspace, maximize it, etc).
      - The message that the Global Hotkey (Win+S by default) could not be registered will no longer appear on new installations.
      - Other misc. minor changes.
  • Fixes

    • - Shortcut icons failed to refresh when applying new container colors via the Appearance dialog.
      - The ampersand symbol (&) wasn't showing in the Keyboard Launcher dialog.
      - The shortcut mini-toolbar remained open after deleting shortcuts when the Delete Confirmation option was unchecked.
      - Fixed instances wheh a Picture moved when double-clicking to open.
      - Fix for resizing pictures.
      - Other misc. minor fixes.

    v3.5.65 - February, 10, 2016

  • New and Changes

    • - Container note last modification time is now indicated when hovering over the container's name or icon (when shrunk) with the mouse.
      - Shortcut path is no longer converted into lower-case.
  • Fixes

    • - Clicking shortcuts when sideslide workspace is locked wasn't working properly on windows 10.
      - Clicking the tray icon when the workspace is maximized shifted the workspace to the right.
      - Crush when dragging shortcuts to the workspace from the Windows 10 start menu.

    v3.5.60 - January, 05, 2015

  • New and Changes

    • - New Speed Launch dialog: Invoke the workspace with the Global Hotkey and click 1-9 to quickly launch shortcuts. Display the Speed Launch dialog by pressing the question mark key (?) or clicking the new Speed Launch menu item from the workspace right-click menu. You can now also click and launch the shortcuts displayed in the Speed Launch dialog with the mouse.
      - Choose between solid or gradient workspace background fill and choose between darker or lighter gradient.
      - Shortcut Comment: A new field under the Shortcut Properties dialog allows you to add comments to various workspace shortcuts so that you can remember what they are meant for (the comment is visible when hovering over the shortcut icons). Thanks to Onig|Gino for the idea!
      - Target and Parameters fields in the Shortcut Properties dialog are now multi-lined.
      - Speed Launch entries can not be overwritten so that there no need to remove a Speed Launch number from a shortcut before you can assign it to a new one.
      - New buttons for RSS news feed containers next to the [R] (Set all as read) button: [T] Toggle article tooltip and [B] Toggle built-in viewer.
      - The 'Reset' button in the Shortcut Properties dialog is now located next to the shortcut style settings and clicking it won't close the dialog.
      - Slightly modified icons when a shortcut's icon cannot be loaded (in case deleted or on a portable drive that isn't available).
      - When selecting different icons to for 'folder shortcuts', the File Open dialog now opens up in the same folder (Shortcut Properties dialog >> Icon).
      - Refresh Icons [F5] command now appears under the container's Right Click >> Arrange menu in addition to the workspace menu.
  • Fixes

    • - When dragging shortcuts to a container when the container tag view is selected (showing only shortcuts that belong to a certain tag), the current tag wasn't always added to the new shortcuts.
      - Problem that prevented switching to certain tags or listing tags in a container or the workspace Tag Menu when using similar tag names.
      - The shortcut mini-toolbar occasionally disappeared when adding new shortcuts to the workspace or to various container by dragging them from the Windows Explorer.
      - Portable installation fixes.

    v3.5.44 - November, 24, 2014

  • New and Changes

    • - The Global HotKey section in the Settings dialog is highlighted when SideSlide can't register the HotKey (in case it is already in use by the system).
      * Remember that you can use the Global HotKey to undock the workspace and then launch shortcuts with the keyboard.
      - Changed RSS error headlines (when the feed can't be shown).
      - Container colors are now shown in the Appearance dialog under the Preview pane.
  • Fixes
    • - Right clicking a headline (RSS containers) and selecting Open on Website didn't work.
      - Saving the workspace (F8) when there are no containers could have crashed the program.

    v3.5.40 - June, 3, 2014

  • New and Changes

    • - New option to show a list of all shortcuts selected for Speed Launch (1-9) in case you forget which number launches a certain shortcut. Press [Shift] + [?] when the workspace is in focus to see the Speed Launch list.
      * Remember that you can use the Global Hotkey to undock the workspace.
      - When saving the workspace (Right Click >> Save Workspace/F8) the confirmation dialog is no longer displayed and an 'explosion' effect is shown instead.
      - The Start Selected button (Shortcut Mini-Toolbar) remains visible when the workspace is locked for editing.
  • Fixes
    • - The current year was not automatically selected from the list when adding a reminder.

    v3.5.35 - October, 1, 2013

  • New and Changes

    • - Nicer automatic label formatting when adding URL shortcuts to top level domains ('http://', 'www.' and '.com' are stripped from the label | New >> Web URL).
      - Workspace titlebar is no longer displayed using bold font, and indicates (lighter color) whether the workspace is in focus or not.
      - The Floating Toolbar (left click an empty space to quickly create different objects in the workspace) now appears slightly to the side of the mouse pointer and not directly below it.
      - Connection Proxy setting is now taken directly from Internet Explorer ('Set Proxy' under the Setting Dialog has been removed).
      - New 'File not found' icons
      - Maximizing the workspace will no longer cover the Windows Taskbar area.
      - New command under the Position menu: Maximize/Restore (the menu at the top right corner of workspace).
      - The tooltip for shortcuts and containers is no longer displayed when the workspace is not in focus (use the Grab Focus option if you want to activate the workspace using the mouse without clicking it).
      - Suspend Auto-Collapse setting is saved and restored when the program starts.
      - RSS icon is not displayed on program startup when loading RSS containers unless the 'Load on Startup' option is selected.
      - Pressing the [Esc] key will now firstly unselect containers and shortcuts then dock the workspace.
      - Misc. minor changes.
  • Fixes

    • - Number of selected shortcuts disappeared after refreshing RSS containers.
      - Previously selected shortcut which was no longer selected was re-selected after shrinking back containers.
      - Number of selected shortcuts remained visible after removing shortcuts.
      - Number of selected shortcuts was not shown when dragging shortcuts to containers or links from Explorer.
      - Impossible to create folder and note containers when using the "Draw to Create" setting.
      - Fixed crash when trying to resize or move an invalid picture.
      - Fixed a rare crash when exiting the program.
      - Fixed high CPU usage on some machines when starting shortcuts from detached containers while the On Top setting is disabled (thanks Gervin!).
      - Workspace collapsed after starting a shortcut and the Suspend Auto-Collapse option was checked.
      - Workspace brought back into focus after launching a shortcut when undocked or the Suspend Auto-Collapse option was checked.
      - Expanding a container when the Floating Toolbar was still visible could have prevented the workspace from collapsing properly.
      - Wrong label displayed when editing RSS search terms.
      - Workspace occasionally collapsed unintentionally when expanding containers.
      - Keyboard didn't work in the workspace when there were shortcuts selected and the On Top setting was disabled.
      - The Shortcut Mini-Toolbar remained visible after pressing Ctrl+U to unselect shortcuts.

    v3.5.30 - September, 6, 2013

  • New and Changes

    • - Speed Launch: An even faster way to launch shortcuts. You can now select up to 9 shortcuts to launch using a single keystroke (1-9). Assign a number to quickly launch shortcuts from the Shortcut Properties dialog next to the shortcut label.
      - Spacebar Flip (Use the space-bar to scroll through and focus on shrank and folded containers): New option under the Settings dialog 'Selected'. You can now add individual containers to the Spacebar Flip order (Right click a container >> Arrange >> Spacebar Flip). This is especially useful when using the Global Hotkey to invoke the workspace and the arrow keys to select shortcuts in different containers.
      - A little bit more logical command order under the Container and the Detached Container right click menu: There is now a new 'View' submenu which includes options related to the way a container is displayed in the workspace (Colors, Shrink Size, Hide Toolbar and more).
      - Shortcut Mini-Toolbar now includes a new button Start Selected: Same as the right click menu option to start all selected shortcuts (this will ignore the Tag Start setting if it's enabled for one of the selected shortcuts).
      - Added the Ctrl key to the list of available Global Hotkey options. For example, you can now select Ctrl+S to invoke the workspace using the keyboard.
      - New option (disabled by default) under the Settings dialog, Center Mouse, will move the mouse cursor to the center of the workspace when invoked by moving the mouse to the edge the workspace is docked. This can basically save you time but needs some time to get used to. If yo use this option, make sure to remove shortcuts from the center of the workspace so the tooltip won't popup every time you undock the workspace with the mouse.
      - When dragging a shortcut icon and dropping it on top of another shortcut label, all selected shortcuts will be used as command line arguments. Example: Select multiple HTML files and drop them on top of a Notepad++ shortcut to open Notepad++ with the selected files.
      - The number of selected shortcuts is now shown in the title-bar. This is particularly useful to know that you have selected shortcuts in shrunken containers.
      - Container tooltip (Hovering over a container toolbar or icon) now includes the creation date in addition to the other info items when the container note is exposed.
      - Pressing the Esc key or the Dock Now button (top right corner of the workspace) to dock the workspace will also shrink the recently expanded container. Remember: You can always right click the container's title and select Keep Expanded.
      - When double-clicking to unfold folded containers, they will fold back when you drag shortcuts between containers or expand other containers. Use the Keep Expanded container right-click menu option to keep the container unfolded.
      - Other misc. minor changes.
  • Fixes

    • - News feed headlines were not always fully visible when using a larger font size.
      - Spacebar Flip was not working properly to scroll through folded and shrank containers in the workspace. Forward (Space) and backwards (Shift+Space).
      - Problems with reselecting previously selected shortcuts in keyboard navigation when expanding containers.
      - Other misc. minor fixes.

    v3.5.18 - August, 23, 2013

  • New and Changes

    • - Added new 'Zoom in' and 'Zoom out' buttons to RSS containers to quickly adjust headlines' font size. The buttons are located on the bottom right of the container next to the 'Set all as read' button.
      - A new button under the Shortcut Properties dialog allows you to quickly open a Google search for the shortcut label.
      - New setting, Article Tooltip, determines whether the tooltip with the first few lines of a news feed article is shown or not when hovering with the mouse over a headline or scrolling through headlines with the arrow keys. This setting can be adjusted globally or individually for each RSS container. You can also hold down the [Shift] key while hovering with the mouse over a headline in order to display the tooltip even if this option is unselected.
      - A new option under the Settings dialog, Container options: Focus on Expand/Unfold (selected by default). Focus on the container on expand/unfold so you can use the keyboard to launch shortcuts, scroll through headlines in RSS containers or enter text in note containers. With this option selected, the Grab Focus setting is redundant after expanding/unfolding a container.
      - The Keyboard Launcher is no longer shown by default when invoking the workspace using the global hotkey (for new installations). Use the arrow keys to focus on shortcuts or press any key to show the Keyboard Launcher.
      - Added a new menu item, Refresh Icons, to the main right-click menu under the Arrange sub-menu. This option reloads shortcut and container icons in case some of the files were not available when the program started. Pressing [Shift+F5] was always possible.
  • Fixes

    • - Smoother switching between workspace tags (Ctrl+Tab or F7)
      - Tooltip is unloaded when using the arrow keys to select shortcuts.
      - When creating a new command the wrong tip was shown in the command edit field.
      - Container remained selected after toggling the Built-in Viewer right-click menu option.
      - On certain occasions, the arrow keys didn't work to scroll through RSS headlines in expanded containers.
      - Shortcuts in the workspace are now reselected when invoking the workspace with the global hotkey and shrinking back containers. This helps in keeping the keyboard navigation order.
      - Setting the colors for reminders displayed Note Foreground and Background colors which are irrelevant for reminders.

    v3.5.16 - July, 04, 2013

  • New and Changes

    • - Added two new commands to the Shortcut Right-click menu:
      * 'Override Parameters Field' to start the selected shortcut without any specified parameters (you can specify additional parameters to a shortcut via the Shortcut Properties dialog).
      * 'Run as administrator...' (overrides the 'Administrator' setting for selected shortcuts).
      - Use a container icon from a relative path (when SideSlide is running from a USB drive): Once you choose an icon for the container (Right-click a container and select 'Choose Icon...'), you will be given the option to use a relative path for the file the icon is taken from.
      - The option to add RSS containers to the online library has been restored.
  • Fixes

    • - Containers may not be properly restored to their original location on program start.
      - A warning is shown when the selected Global Hotkey is already in use when the program starts (The Settings dialog will be loaded allowing you to select a different key combination).

    v3.5.15 - March, 29, 2013

  • New and Changes

    • - Removed round corners: Thanks to Windows 8 for making rectangle windows cool again!
      - RSS News feed containers: You can now select to open articles using the built-in viewer or your web browser individually for each container (Right click an RSS container; right-click everything!).
      - Removed toolbar buttons 'Fold/Unfold' and 'Shrink/Expand' all containers. You can still use these commands from the menu and using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + F1 / Ctrl + F2).
      - Removed the built-in Bug Report dialog. Please email me directly if you want to report a bug or suggest a new feature.
      - Added: 'Flip' submenu command under the Tags right-click menu (now also [F7] instead of the Bug Report dialog or the old shortcut, Ctrl+Tab) to scroll through workspace tags.
  • Fixes

    • - Undocking was sometimes impossible using the mouse when the workspace was docked to the left.
      - Fold/Unfold effect check box remained enabled after reopening the Settings dialog.
      - The icon of a previously non-existing shortcut (unavailable when SideSlide was loaded) is re-drawn when the shortcut is launched (shortcuts on removable media).
      - Fixed some problems affecting SideSlide completely disappearing due to the fadeout effect when running under Windows 8.
      - Some other minor bugs were fixed.

    v3.5.10 - January, 2, 2011

  • New and Changes

    • - Program restart is no longer required when changing the global hotkey.
      - Added new key options to choose from for the Global Hotkey: Left arrow key, Right, Up and Down:
      Left: [<] Right: [>] Up: [/] Down: [\]
      For example, you can position the workspace in the upper corner of the screen and use [Alt+Down Arrow key] to invoke it.
      - An error message is shown if the selected global hotkey could not be registered because it is already in use.
      - Request for update sends the OS version besides the program version.
  • Fixes

    • - Mouse wheel and some other functions did not work in the workspace when the global hotkey was disabled.
      - Using the global hotkey when another program dialog is showing could have crashed the program.
      - Resolving Windows shortcuts on 64-bit systems wasn't always working properly and the shortcut was added with the wrong path.
      - Removed object/detached containers shadows on Windows XP.
      I don't use Win XP anymore on a daily basis and solving the shadow glitches requires lots of extra motivation.

      Bugs in the previous beta version:
      - Launching certain shortcuts (such as Remote Desktop .RDP files) didn't work.
      - Selecting and unselecting a container didn't restore the correct Tag Button color when a container was in Tag view mode.
      - Bug in the bug report (pun intended) dialog: Sending empty bug reports is no longer possible. Clicking Send without entering text will simply close the dialog.
      - Changing the workspace background color didn't properly render icons in shrunken containers.
      - Drawing icons when switching shortcuts (dragging an icon on top of another icon) when one of the shortcuts is inside a shrunken container didn't render the icon properly.
      - [Ctrl+Mouse Wheel] didn't work when trying to resize shortcuts.

    v3.5.00b - December, 15, 2010

    There are quite a bit of new features, fixes and changes in v3.5.00. Make sure to read it all and take the tour.

  • Speed and Other Code Improvements

  • - Greatly improved application startup time.
    - Shrunk and folded containers with multiple shortcuts are now expanded and unfolded much faster.
    It's faster than the previous version regardless, but once you expand or unfold a container for the first time, the icons are cached for the next time, so it gets even faster.
    - Settings are now applied quicker when there are no changes to the visual aspects of the program.
    - Multiple operations (loading, launching, etc) related to shortcuts or folder containers that are on non-existing network shares are performed much faster.
    - Changes in the ini file structure which means it's easier for me to add new features, but also that there is no longer upgrade to versions prior to v3.00.00a (but that's ok, no one is using the old versions anymore).
    - Faster shortcut verification.
    - Smoother slide-in effect on slower machines.
    - Many more code optimizations.

  • Multiple GUI Changes and Improvements

  • - Much prettier visuals when moving/resizing containers/pictures and when selecting shortcut and containers.
    * Note: When you select containers and move a single one of them while holding down the Ctrl key, all other selected containers will be repositioned as well.
    - Shrinking/expanding, folding/unfolding:
    Explode/Implode effects: Added animation to container expansion, contraction, folding and deletion. If it makes SideSlide a little bit slower on your computer (it's much smoother on Windows 7/Vista), you can disable this feature from the Settings dialog, or select from the 4 different modes and see.
    - Container size when shrunk:
    Choose between 3 different sizes when containers are shrunk: Normal, Small and Tiny. Set the 'Shrink Size' of individual containers from the right click menu (Arrange >> Shrink Size) or globally from the Settings dialog. This new feature allows you to gain more space on the workspace, make it smaller in size and place containers next to each other without a space in between.
    - Tooltips for various events now look much more modern.
    Numerous adjustments and changes to the shortcut tooltips, container tooltip when folded, shrunk, fully visible and tooltips when hovering over detached RSS news feed headlines.
    - Some of the theme files and wallpaper images have been updated and new themes, wallpapers, colors and buttons added.
    - Much more sensible shortcut/object alignment.
    - Added the ability set custom foreground and background colors to individual note and RSS containers.
    - Change detached containers colors using the new detached container right click menu command.
    - The choose color dialog for various objects is now initialized with the correct color (not really sure why it wasn't like that before).
    - More quick colors to select from and a redesigned Select Color dialog.
    - Notes in the workspace now have a vertical scrollbar (the same as when detached).
    - The Z-order (what's on top and below) is now kept for both picture and containers.
    - The shrink/expand, tag and various object colors is now changes according to the background color and are much easier to see.
    - Container draw mode: Select whether a container is drawn in the workspace or is automatically created using a default size (this is now the default) using the new option under the Settings dialog.
    - Resize font of notes and RSS news feed headlines in the workspace or in detached containers with the mouse wheel (hold down the Ctrl key).
    - Set detached notes font size using the new right click menu command.
    - Set workspace and detached RSS news feeds headline font size using the new right click menu command.
    - Set the opacity level of the workspace when transparent using the new option from the Settings dialog.
    - Set detached containers transparency using the new right click menu option. The opacity level is determined by setting in the Settings dialog.
    - Gradient effect adjustments.
    - Added indication when the container includes a note, but the note is hidden.
    The indication is a square around the note button (at the right of the container toolbar).
    - Settings/Appearance and the Shortcut Properties dialogs have been reorganized.
    - Added shadows to various application windows/effects.
    - There is now a thin border line between the container toolbar and the container itself (where the shortcuts are).
    - The general font selected from the appearance dialog is now set for notes and not just news feeds and shortcuts.
    - Container name label is shown using a smaller font.
    - The Note button in the container toolbar is now slightly bigger.
    - The shortcut mini-toolbar (quickly apply different style setting to selected shortcut) is now always accessible from any location.
    - Shortcut icons are hidden when moving/dragging a shortcut by its label (shortcuts align according to the shortcut label).
    - Selected containers are now surrounded with a wider, more visible, border.
    - Shortcut columns are now non-symmetrical (the distance between each column is dependent on the longest shortcut in that column).
    - Added an option to increase the line spacing between shortcuts when they are automatically arranged in columns (selecting shortcuts and dragging one of them by the label).
    - Many more GUI enhancements...

  • Keyboard Navigation
  • - Keyboard Launcher

      The Keyboard Launcher allows you to start any shortcut in the workspace with any custom parameters,
      open websites and easily open directories by navigating the directory tree.

      * Quickly browse through directories:
      When using the keyboard to open folders (entering the folder name or drive letter and a backslash), you can use the down arrow key to quickly access all subfolders, the right arrow key to go to the next level in the directory tree and the left arrow key to go one level back.
      * Launch shortcuts with custom parameters using the keyboard.
      Enter the shortcut name, press the Right arrow key or Tab (to add a space) and jump to the end of the name, then enter any additional parameters required by the program (this overrides any parameters specified in the Shortcut Properties dialog). Example: Add a new shortcut to c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe, type in "cmd" + + "/c dir /s"
      * Added an option to show the Keyboard Launcher immediately when undocking the workspace using the global hotkey.
      Tip: You can immediately browse through directories by pressing the backslash (\) key.
      * There is now a dynamic info line underneath the shortcut/folder/URL that also provides indication when using the keyboard to browse through folders.
      * Better search results.

    - Arrow keys navigation: You can now select, launch and delete shortcuts using the arrow keys.
    - Better keyboard support for detached containers:
    Alt+F4 to close and delete the container, Alt+A to attach it back to the workspace, Alt+Left, Alt+Right, Alt+Up and Alt+Down arrow keys to dock.

  • Pictures

  • - Picture Slideshow:
    Pictures are now slideshow 'view ports'. Every picture you add to the workspace can be turned into a slideshow that displays files from the same folder as the picture you add (up to 250 pictures, and JPG only at this time). The slideshow will advance automatically every time you undock the workspace (this setting can be adjusted).
    - Picture Previews:
    When the mouse hovers over a picture file shortcut, a preview of the image will be shown. You can also pin the picture shown in the preview to the workspace. Disable the previews from the Settings dialog.
    - Picture comments:
    You can now add comments to pictures from the picture right-click menu. The comment is visible when the mouse pointer hovers over a picture.
    - Pictures from a relative path:
    Load pictures from a relative path using the new picture right-click menu option 'Change to relative path'.
    - Convert to shortcut:
    Added an option to convert pictures into shortcuts to the picture files. This is useful if you want to use the new Picture Preview option rather than having the pictures shown in the workspace.
    - Drag pictures directly from the Windows Explorer into containers by dragging and dropping a picture file (jpg, bmp or gif) while holding down the Shift key.
    - Add picture directly into containers using the New >> Picture container right click menu command.
    - Added an Open command to the new picture slideshow right click menu.
    - Removing pictures from the workspace requires confirmation if Delete Confirmation is selected.

  • RSS News Feeds

  • - Instead of the 'Clear recent list' command in the main RSS menu, you can now select Edit and delete individual search terms.
    Remember that the search can be used to track certain subjects since whenever your refresh a news feed and a search term is found, the headline will be emphasized.
    - Headline highlight:
    When a headline is highlighted (one of the search terms was found in the title or description), the headline will remain emphasized even after clicking it to read or going over the news items with the mouse or keyboard.
    - RSS Search is now using ieframe.dll (IE web component) with much easier to see search results that are dynamically emphasized-as-you-type.
    - RSS Search works with detached RSS containers and not only news feeds in the workspace.
    - You can now use the left and right arrow keys to scroll news feed containers when the headline is longer than the container width.
    - News feed containers include notes like normal containers. Keep a note for each news feed.
    - The container toolbar can now be hidden for RSS containers as well as for shortcut/note containers (Right click Hide Toolbar menu option).
    - The RSS refresh button inside RSS containers is now located in the same place the container Tag selection button in shortcut containers is.
    - When refreshing a single feed, its name now appears in the title bar.
    - Reset RSS icon command now works for multiple selected RSS news feed containers.
    - Changes to the way RSS headlines are emphasized.
    - Clicking the RSS refresh button (the second button from the left in the RSS container toolbar) in a single RSS container, will refresh all selected RSS news feed containers (in the same way the Refresh menu command works).
    - Ctrl + Enter and Ctrl + Click will open the article on the website even when using the built in viewer.
    - Removed RSS containers headline right click menu option Create Note and Detach (you can still create notes from headlines and the notes will detach if the Detach Notes option is selected from the Settings dialog).
    - The built-in viewer can now be loaded (F12) without refreshing a news feed first.
    - Increased support for multiple RSS encodings (news feeds in languages other than English).

    - Minor changes to the RSS viewer buttons layout.

  • Other New Features

  • - Highly improved workspace-wide tag view mode:
    You can now flip through workspace wide tags using Ctrl+Tab. To exit tag view, flip through the existing tags, press Ctrl+F5 or click the button at the top of the workspace that displays the current tag. In addition to that, the option to show the tag asterisk symbol that appeared when hovering over a shortcut icon is now deprecated.
    - Bug report:
    You can now report bugs directly from within SideSlide and help making the next versions better. The bug report dialog is accessible from the workspace right click menu and will also appear when the program was not properly closed. The reporting is anonymous, but if you include your email it'll be much better so that we can work on the problem together.
    - Spacebar Flip:
    A new option under the Settings dialog allows you to decide which type of containers (notes & reminders, RSS news feeds or all) are exposed when using the spacebar to flip through the containers in the workspace.
    - 'Start in folder', 'Run' and 'Administrator' properties for shortcuts:
    The Shortcut Properties dialog now has two additional fields and one new checkbox that allow you to set the starting folder for each shortcut, initial window state (normal, maximized or minimized) and run the program as administrator. For 'Start in folder', as with the Path and Icon parameters, you can also use a relative path by entering the @ symbol instead of the drive letter (e.g. @:\somefolder\).
    - Containers are now recoverable if there is a system or program crash.
    In addition to that, you can also use the 'Ignore changes' command from the Settings dialog to ignore all changes to the workspace AND containers and restore the last saved session.
    - Keep above the task bar:
    A new option under the Settings dialog allows you to keep SideSlide above the Windows taskbar. Select this option if you want to activate the workspace or detached containers using the mouse and place them in the same location as the taskbar. You can always undock and hide the workspace using the keyboard, regardless of its location.
    - New button in detached containers toolbar allows you to quickly create new notes with the same color (in the same way it works in Windows Sticky Notes)
    - Click icon to expand:
    The new setting (enabled by default) allows you to select that containers will expand whenever you click the container icon (when shrunk).
    - Convert to reminder/note:
    Turn notes into reminders and reminders into notes using the new right-click menu command.
    - Switch:
    Switch the position of two containers using the new 'Switch' menu command under the container Arrange right click menu.
    - Grab focus:
    A new option under the Settings dialog allows you to make the workspace grab the focus whenever it's undocked. This setting is useful when you are using the mouse to undock the workspace (as opposed to the global hotkey) but launching shortcuts with the keyboard.
    - A list of all detached containers now appears in SideSlide's system-tray menu allowing you to easily undock and focus on detached containers.
    - Automatically detach new notes:
    A new option under the Settings dialog allows you to automatically detach note containers as soon as you add them to the workspace.
    - Workspace and detached containers are kept on top of other windows by default when collapsed, but you can now disable this setting from the Settings dialog.
    You can still access the workspace with the keyboard even when it's not on top of other windows, and focus on detached containers from the system-tray menu.
    - New On Top menu option for detached containers determines if the detached container is kept on top of other windows or not (when undocked, and only enabled if the global 'on top' setting is).
    - Keep containers expanded (when set to auto expand and shrink on mouse over) using the new container right click menu command 'Keep Expanded'.
    This new menu command changes the previous behavior when containers remained expanded when you click the Shrink/Expand button once to expand another to shrink and once more to expand (confused yet?).
    - Wallpaper from a relative path:
    If you are using SideSlide from a USB drive, you can now check the new option under Settings >> Appearance to load the wallpaper from the same drive SideSlide is installed to.
    - Added an option to show or hide the workspace in the Windows taskbar.
    - Container online library now supports full text search and not just search by tags.
    - Added option to check for new beta releases of SideSlide (this is enabled in beta version releases, such as this one).
    - Rename detached containers using the new right click menu command.
    - Added an option to open the Windows Explorer properties page for a shortcut from the Shortcut Properties dialog.
    - Added a new menu command for SideSlide shortcuts that allows you to create Windows shortcuts (.lnk or .url) to the files, URLs or system commands, and place them on the Windows Desktop.
    - When dragging Windows shortcuts (.lnk, .url) from the Windows Desktop to the workspace or to different containers, the Windows shortcuts will be moved to the recycle bin and SideSlide shortcuts will be created instead (you can disable this from the Settings dialog).

  • Misc. Changes

  • - Removed confirmation when setting colors to multiple containers. The number of selected containers now appears inside the color dialog.
    - Containers will no longer automatically shrink once you select shortcuts or click inside the container.
    This allows you to sort shortcuts more easily. The container will shrink back once you click the workspace or expand another container.
    - There is now a maximum of 50 containers in the workspace. You can manually change this setting in the .ini file.
    - Added indication when adding containers from the online library to the workspace.
    - Pictures are now hidden when switching between tags in workspace wide and container tag views.
    - Windows Menu keyboard button now works and displays the proper workspace, container or shortcut menu.
    - Containers are now added to the workspace from the online library using the default size.
    The size chosen for the container is set when the container is detached.
    - You can now drag shortcuts with the right mouse button. This is particularly useful when dragging files from folder containers to the Windows Explorer.
    - Added an option to suppress the startup (splash) dialog. Start SideSlide with '/nosplash' as the command line argument. Start SideSlide with /? for other command line options (more will be added in future releases).
    - Installation now includes a portable option to install SideSlide directly to an external drive.
    - Detached containers now follow the same undock settings as the workspace (the default is a short delay before the container undocks as long as the mouse stays in the same place).
    - Undock on Click, Transparency and Fade Out options for new detached containers are initialized based on the same values selected for the workspace.
    - Added keyboard shortcuts to the common tasks under the Settings dialog (F3-F6). E.g. press F3 twice to open the settings folder.
    - The note font size menu command is only visible when the container note is visible.
    - Pressing F2 allows you to rename containers when there are no shortcuts selected (when a shortcut is selected, the Shortcut Properties dialog is displayed).
    - When adding a shortcut to a new container the container icon will be initialized from that file in the same way it works when dragging shortcuts to new containers.
    - When removing or dragging out of the container the last shortcut, the container icon will reset to the default icon.
    - Dbl-clicking an icon will start the shortcut.
    - Right clicking a shortcut icon will show the shortcut menu (the same as when right clicking the name label).
    - Shortcuts are now selected and the shortcut mini-toolbar is shown when new shortcuts are added using the right click menu.
    - You can now switch shortcut locations (dragging a shortcut icon over another shortcut icon) even if the shortcuts are located in different containers or the workspace.
    - When dragging shortcut icons on top of other shortcuts, a tooltip is shown that indicates that the shortcut will be launched with the one that is being dragged over it as a command line argument.
    - When dragging a shortcut icon over another shortcut icon, a tooltip is shown that indicates that the shortcuts will switch places.
    - Workspace background image is now disabled when choosing colors from the color list under the Appearance dialog.
    - Detached containers are no longer on top by default when the container is floating.
    - Dragging shortcuts/pictures over note containers, or adding items using the right click menu, will hide the note allowing you to place the shortcuts inside.
    - Shortcuts selected inside containers are now unselected when shrinking or folding containers.
    - The workspace now undocks when attaching detached containers.
    - The workspace will exit tag view when loading the Settings/Appearance or Container Library dialogs.
    - When clicking the workspace, the first click will unselect shortcuts and the second click will unselect containers.
    - Mouse pointer is unchanged when it's over the shrink/expand button and containers are set to auto-expand.
    - Click to Expand but Auto Shrink option deprecated. You can keep containers expanded using the new right click menu option Keep Expanded, or click inside the container to keep it open until clicking the workspace or expanding another container.
    - The ability to delete items from the workspace with the Delete key while using the keyboard to launch shortcuts has been disabled (you can still delete shortcuts from the workspace using the keyboard, by using the arrow keys to navigate to the shortcut you want to remove).
    - Dragging shortcuts to containers when the container is only showing shortcuts that belong to a certain tag, will add the tag to the shortcut without confirmation.
    - Default maximum shortcut length is now longer.
    - Detached container fade-out effect is initialized based on the special effect value selected for the workspace, but is no longer connected to it (in other words, you can disable special effects in the workspace but enable them in detached containers).

  • Fixes

  • - Pasting files from the Windows Explorer didn't place the files in a proper location inside the container when the container was shrunk or folded.
    - Shrinking a folded container could have positioned the container incorrectly.
    - Selecting all shortcuts (Ctrl+A) affected container shortcuts even when the container was shrunk or folded.
    - The workspace collapsed when hovering over the floating toolbar outside of the workspace area.
    - Objects could have 'jumped' to different locations when using the menu to add items to the workspace.
    - Problem with scheduling reminders for certain days of the month.
    - Objects/detached containers tabs could have moved on click when clicking to select/open quickly.
    - Dragging pictures to containers and moving them inside the workspace wasn�t working properly.
    - Resizing the workspace is no longer possible to do from the sides the workspace is docked to.
    - The program could have crashed when moving SideSlide between computers and the selected font doesn't exist on the target computer.
    - Window update lock is now enforced when sorting shortcuts and changing container colors.
    - Drag and drop shortcut icon over its own name label will now move the shortcut to the new location.
    - Shortcuts could have sporadically move when the mouse button was clicked, but the click wasn't initiated when the mouse pointer was over the shortcut.
    - Shortcut tooltip extension is now limited.
    - Auto dock and undock didn't work properly when mouse was over SideSlide child windows.
    - Font and size selections were saved even when clicking Cancel in the appearance dialog.
    - The shortcut mini toolbar remained hidden when selecting and unselecting shortcuts using Ctrl+Mouse down.
    - Dragging a selected shortcut by its icon and dropping it in the same container didn't re-arrange selected shortcuts.
    - Container gradient effect was incorrectly initialized on certain events.
    - Changing the global font didn't render shortcuts properly without restarting SideSlide.
    - Workspace collapsed when loading another program dialog (library, settings, etc) after showing the floating toolbar without closing it first.
    - Docking the workspace and detached containers to the left side of the screen didn't place the window properly.
    - Objects can no longer be positioned above the workspace and containers� title bars.
    - Shortcuts could be dragged and dropped behind the title bar.
    - The wrong shortcut could have appeared in the Shortcut Properties dialog when there is an error launching a shortcut and it takes time for Windows to return the error (for example, inaccessible network shares).
    - Changing fonts from the Appearance dialog made hidden shortcuts inside containers visible again (when showing shortcuts based on tag using the container tag selection button).
    - Selecting shortcuts by clicking while the Ctrl button is down could have shown the shortcut mini-toolbar in the wrong location.
    - Tab key didn't work in container notes.
    - Failure to position pictures properly when one picture is missing.
    - The floating toolbar appeared when drawing new containers in the workspace.
    - When adding a new system command, the new command shortcut remained visible even if the operation was canceled.
    - Right click menu didn't always show up when right clicking the Shrink/Expand button.
    - Could not display location of shortcut to drives in tooltips.
    - Arranging shortcuts in columns could have placed the last shortcut in the selected shortcuts group beyond the container width.
    - Containers not always shrunk back or folded when dragging shortcuts out of the container and over different containers in the workspace.
    - Pictures could have still be moved and resized even when the workspace is locked for editing.
    - Containers didn't shrink when moving the mouse pointer over a picture or a different container name label.
    - Shortcut and container unselection (Unselect All) were connected under certain circumstances.
    - Underline wasn't removed when the mouse leaves the quick tool links under the Settings/Appearance dialog.
    - When pasting files from the Windows Explorer to different containers, the shortcut font size was not initialized properly.
    - Not all application dialogs unloaded when pressing the Esc key.
    - RSS search functionality stopped working after deleting RSS containers.
    - Loading the RSS viewer from the RSS menu could have crashed the program if there were no populated news feeds.
    - Changing the global font didn't work in real time for RSS news feed containers.
    - Could not resize RSS containers when the container size set to minimum and the news feed was populated.
    - The RSS 'last update' time indicator was made visible inside shrunken RSS containers on startup.
    - When refreshing selected RSS news feed containers, the number that is displayed in the title bar also included non RSS containers.
    - Loading news feed on startup displayed the wrong number of feeds when some RSS news feeds are detached from the workspace.
    - Opening a feed item in the built in viewer could have crashed the program if a news feed was previously deleted in the same session.
    - Problem with feed items without URLs to the articles.
    - Some fixes to the RSS Search functionality.
    - Container right click menu is now disabled when news feeds are being refreshed.
    - Detached notes and RSS containers colors didn't change when selecting new colors from the Appearance dialog.
    - Using the Tag Start menu option to launch shortcuts from detached containers didn't work.
    - Could not delete detached containers when the delete confirmation option was not selected.
    - Dragging a detached container to a different screen corner when the container tab is showing, could have kept the tab in the same location.
    - Detaching containers when only certain shortcuts are visible (when viewing shortcuts that share a tag) made all shortcuts visible again in the detached container.
    - Detached containers could have stayed detached under certain circumstances right after attaching them back to the workspace.
    - Attaching detached containers from the menu could have failed under certain scenarios.
    - Dbl-clicking to unfold a container and then detaching it, made it visible again in the workspace.
    - Bug when attaching containers back after shrinking a folded container and then detaching it from the workspace.
    - Menu item Hide on Click was visible on detached note containers.
    - Shortcut underlines remained visible even when the mouse pointer was moved out of the detached containers.
    - Bug when deleting multiple tags at the same time from the Edit Tags dialog.
    - Bug when switching to tag view when there are no containers in the workspace.
    - Saving the workspace while in tag view mode made hidden containers visible again.
    - Tag view indicator button didn't change colors when changing colors from the Appearance dialog.
    - Clearing the workspace while in tag view mode didn't work correctly.
    - Starting multiple shortcuts with Tag Start, didn't show the error message if one of the shortcuts was missing.
    - Expanded containers were made visible again when switching to tag view (Ctrl+Tab) even when the container had no shortcuts that belong to the current tag.
    - Note remained visible when flipping through workspace tags and the note container included shortcuts with the current tag.
    - Using the menu to create new shortcuts inside containers when a container tag was selected did not add the tag to the new item.
    - Clicking the Tag button on shrunken containers could have changed the container position when the container shrinks back.
    - Problems flipping through different tags that share the same keywords.
    - Keyboard navigation dialog was missing after clearing the workspace.
    - The workspace collapsed and then undocked again when using the mouse to undock and the keyboard to launch a shortcut.
    - Using the keyboard to launch shortcuts could have loaded the wrong shortcut when the shortcut name included the exact search string plus extra letters.
    - Pressing the down arrow to scroll through workspace shortcuts (Keyboard Navigator) skipped some shortcuts and didn't obey the order.
    - Keyboard navigation/folders could have stopped working after deleting RSS containers.
    - Can now look for and launch using the keyboard shortcuts that have the same name (just select the right one from the list after entering the shortcut name).
    - Ctrl+A is enabled under the keyboard navigation dialog to select the entire text.
    - Right click popup menu could have covered the selected shortcut.
    - Hidden directories were invisible when using the keyboard to navigate the directory tree.
    - Hidden directories and files were not added to folder containers (When refreshing the folder).
    - The first shortcut dragged from Windows or a folder containers could sometimes remained unaligned.
    - Could fail on certain occasions when moving files between folder containers.
    - Refreshing folder containers when the path is the drive root didn't add the correct shortcut for the drive itself on Win XP.
    - Failed to save colors/themes when the name contained illegal file characters.
    - Setup containers (demo containers) could sometime point to missing shrink icons.

    * Many other misc. changes and fixes. I pretty much lost track of the all the small changes at one point :)

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